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My husband travels for work. And sometimes, I get to tag along. As a promotional products specialist, I keep my eyes peeled for anything and everything branded on every trip. Some products you might not even notice, but the next time you stay at a hotel, take note of what is memorable!

My husband and I went to the Edition Hotel in New York about a year ago. And from the moment I stepped foot into that place, I was hooked. The moment I walked through the lobby, my senses were greeted with the unique essence of black tea, citrus, smoke, and chocolate. I grabbed my husband’s arm and asked, do you smell that?

Then I found out, this was the signature scent of the hotel. (Apparently, in luxury hotels, creating signature scents is a thing!)

After checking in, we went up to view our room and were greeted by even more fantastic signature products that I couldn’t get off my mind, even a year later. In the hospitality industry, providing exceptional guest experiences and amenities is key to attracting and retaining clients.

Here’s a list of each product that truly made our stay unforgettable and how your clients would benefit from these ideas too!


The World’s Comfiest Robes and Slippers: Nothing says luxury and relaxation like plush robes and cozy slippers. Offering robes and slippers in guest rooms elevate the guest experience, making every guest feel pampered and indulged. I appreciated the attention to detail and felt a sense of exclusivity while wearing it.


Personalized Toiletry Kits: Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and body lotion, all in the Edition signature scent. Yes, please! Customized toiletry kits offer guests luxury and convenience during their stay. Branding these kits with a business logo and name creates a cohesive and memorable experience. The toiletry kits are not only for guests’ stay but a constant reminder of the hotel when they use the products at home or during future travels. I may or may not have purchased more kits from their website shortly after our stay.


Customized Room Diffusers: The sensational scent I mentioned before? Yes, it was a promotional product as well! Did you know creating a welcoming and pleasant ambiance in guest rooms is crucial for a memorable stay? Customized room diffusers with a signature scent or essential oils provide a delightful sensory experience and reinforce brand identity. The diffusers can be customized with a logo and placed strategically in guest rooms, creating a distinct and immersive atmosphere. I also purchased a diffuser from the Edition, don’t judge.

water bottle

Personalized Drinkware: The hospitality industry often revolves around food and beverages. Offering customized coffee mugs or glassware, a business logo allows guests to enjoy their favorite drinks while creating a connection with a brand. These items can be used in guest rooms or restaurants or as a parting gift. The Edition had customized water bottles that were so subtle you wouldn’t even notice it was a promo product until you were up close.


Customized Throws: One product in the Edition Hotel wasn’t branded with the logo but I felt this was a missed opportunity. Throws and blankets can offer guests warmth and a sense of luxury with each stay. Whether cuddled up with a good book or taking in the landscape on the balcony, a throw blanket is one of those subtle promotional products that elevate your brand. I couldn’t take this item home, but it truly enhanced my experience.

Creating a memorable and exceptional guest experience is paramount in the hospitality industry. Promo products boost the guest’s experience and serve as tangible reminders of a brand long after departure. I am still raving over the promotional products offered at the Edition Hotel in New York a year later, think about what a little branding and customization can do for your clients!

Image source: Shop the Edition

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