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Ameramark is turning 19! When I think about 19 years ago, I don’t think about 2004. I think about the 80s. Which is a problem, considering I was born in 1993. And I’m 30. But 19 years is a long time to be in business – it’s certainly not an easy achievement, and Ameramark has just the right formula!

It all started with airflate dancers – the ones that you can see outside of car dealerships, grand openings, and more. They are so popular that they have been heavily referenced in pop culture and have even become a hilarious Halloween costume. Not long after Ameramark’s wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man’s debut, they expanded their line to include flags, table covers, and even trash can covers.

airflate dancer
SAGE# 69449
Airflate Arrow Dancer
Item# TA-12

And they’re still going strong with their display products! They offer complete customization – and you can even download a template on their website to make sure your artwork is ready to go with little to no adjustments. Oh, and they’re super proud to offer a turnaround time of just 3-5 days; just give them a call!

trash can cover
SAGE# 69449
55 Gallon Bin
Cover #DBIN-55

As for the future, they’re just going to keep doing what they do best: offering the best customer service and products possible. Plus, they’ve got new products coming down the line so be sure to keep an eye out!

To see what cool things Ameramark (SAGE# 69449) has been up to, check out their website here! To read more Supplier Spotlights, click here!

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