Top 7 Promo Products for Civic Clubs

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When it comes to cities and the businesses they house – nothing is more important than trade associations and civic clubs like your local chamber of commerce. They are essential for fundraising for local charities and organizations, getting certain local legislation passed, and giving small businesses a support network they can lean on when things get a little tough, or they’re just starting out.

And what better way to celebrate all these local organizations do for us than some knock-out promo products?

1. 795 Series Blank Natural Hankie

natrual hankie
This is a useful and effective giveaway to promote awareness for any organization.
Bandanna Promotions
SAGE# 55185
Item # B14SOL-00010

2. Soft Touch Journal

lime green journal
Everyone can use a notebook whether at home or in the office and this soft-touch journal is a great promotional tool for any business.
SAGE# 50219
Item # JK-1852

3. Custom Printed Post-It Notes

post it note
Sticky notes are like office gold – your customers can’t go wrong with these
custom-printed Post-Its!
SAGE# 55850
Item # PD34P-25

4. Panda Bamboo 5W Wireless Charger with Dual USB Ports

Your customers can make sure their devices are charged and ready to go, whether they’re on Capitol Hill’s steps or in a town hall championing their charity.
Ariel Premium Supply Inc.
SAGE# 60462
Item# EAC-PB20

5. 1 3/4″ Custom Challenge Coin

challenge coin
Challenge coins are a treasured memento, perfect for celebrating fundraising goals or anniversaries within any civic club or organization.
Emblematics Inc.
SAGE# 52109
Item # KB18000

6. WeeklyOrganizer™ HardCover Organizer

This handy, down-to-the-minute planner is fitting for anyone with a tight schedule.
SAGE# 50031
Item# WO-600HC

7. Roll-Up Water Bottle

water bottle

Staying hydrated during fundraising efforts, lengthy meetings, or just a busy day is crucial! With this reusable bottle, your customers can showcase their brand everywhere they go.
KTI Promo
SAGE# 67071
Item # HA07

Did you see something that you liked, or maybe something sparked your imagination? Check out our other blogs for even more promo product inspiration!

Editors Note: This post was originally published in May 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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