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One of my favorite things is when people get super excited over topics that they are totally passionate about. There’s something really special about seeing their eyes light up and the genuine grin on their faces. And that is precisely what I got from Gregg Szpicek and David Heldt of Tekweld (The Executive Vice President of Business Development and the Marketing Director, respectively), and it was a fantastic breath of fresh air.

And that passion is what makes Tekweld different.


As a writer, I know that passion and creativity go hand-in-hand. Without passion, your creativity sort of dies off. And without passion, there isn’t that substance that makes whatever you’re working on shine. With Tekweld, that’s what makes their products stand out above the rest.

Both Gregg and David agreed that the best part about being in this industry is the creativity and the fun you get to have. They’ve had some of the coolest promo product ideas come through their door from some seriously big-name brand companies. Every week there are brand new projects and brand new opportunities to design something that hasn’t ever been seen before.


Gregg, David, and the Tekweld team are obsessed with detail, from the moment the proposal enters their doors to when the goods get to the end-buyer. That makes a difference too! They want to make sure the distributor has as much information as they need to give to their client. They believe that the more information, the better for all parties involved. Plus, it makes the process go quicker, which means more time for the fun part: creating!

This obsession with detail spawned TekSource for global sourcing. TekSource provides end-to-end sourcing solutions to meet any customer needs that a distributor might have. This includes cut and sew apparel – which is becoming more and more popular within the promotional and customization communities and custom packaging.

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Their biggest hit so far this year has been the Everywhere Belt Bag, which is a fun sling-type bag that can be custom-made in a variety of colors and customized from top to bottom. I can confirm they’re better than the leading brand. They also showed me a 5D display. Even over Zoom, it blew me away. The sample they showed had a cowboy on it, and he literally jumped out of the display.

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They’re also dedicated to making sure that each one of the products that come in and out of their doors is safe and compliant. All their manufacturing processes, as well as cosmetic and medical products, are FDA approved. They even have someone on their team that is continually learning about requirements and safety guidelines from the FDA and more to make sure they are compliant.

And Tekweld isn’t slowing down any time soon; they showed me some serious game changers that I know, as a consumer, I would love to have. The world of promotional products is changing; while there will always be lanyards, t-shirts, and tumblers, what’s coming has me really excited for the future of the promotional products industry, and I totally can’t wait to see what Tekweld comes up with next.

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