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I don’t know about you, but I love a good old-fashioned catalog. They bring me back to when I was a kid, and I got the Toys”R”Us and Target toy catalogs in the mail. I’d sit there for hours, using the included stickers to choose the toys I wanted for Christmas. Unfortunately, I don’t really get that experience as an adult anymore, with one exception.

I’ve talked a little bit about my experience with promotional products in the before times (before I worked for SAGE) with a SAGE Company Store. But I would also receive promotional product catalogs in the mail from our distributor, and they would always make me pause and flip through the products, bringing back that sweet, sweet nostalgia.

The Why?

Now, nostalgia is great, but it’s also not really the point. The point is that I took time out of my workday to flip through an entire catalog that was sent to me. I earmarked products I was interested in, and I asked about and ordered those products the next time I needed promotional items.

See, that’s the purpose of a catalog. Catalogs are idea generators; they show your customers the types of products available to them and help inspire their next purchase.

You might be thinking, “I use email marketing for that”.

But comparing email marketing to direct mail is like the old “apples and oranges” idiom. We can all agree that email marketing is a powerful tool, but it offers a very different experience.

Email marketing is instantaneous communication, it can be targeted, easily tracked, and quickly shared. We love email marketing, we even make pre-designed emails you can send to your customers – we’re definitely not saying you should skip the emails and send catalogs instead.

We are however saying you should consider including catalogs in your marketing efforts by adding them to your existing orders or using them as a leave-behind at your next sales call. According to The Data & Marketing Association (DMA), “online marketing is passive, direct mail is active. Direct mailings are proactive and tactile, demanding that the recipient do something with it.”

Meaning, people engage with direct mail differently. Of course, there’s the chance your catalog is going to be tossed, just like your email could be immediately deleted, but there’s a good possibility your catalog is going to be perused, earmarked, and saved for a future need. Much like how promotional products work, recipients that hold on to your catalog are more likely to order from you time and time again. I got ya there, didn’t I?

The How:

Creating a catalog is easier than you think – and no, graphic design skills aren’t required!

SAGE Ready-To-Go End-Buyer Catalogs are designed and pre-populated with popular promotional products specifically for your customers. You can choose from themes like Fall & Winter, Promo Essentials, or Budget-Friendly Promos (and lots more).

SAGE Print Studio Catalog covers

Plus, they’re completely customizable to your brand. Just pick your theme and upload your logo or custom cover. You can find the specifications here, including a handy dandy template.

SAGE Print Studio Catalog layouts

Next, pick your layout and review the content. If you want to edit the descriptions, swap out a product, or add your own, you can do that too.

SAGE Print Studio Catalog Products

Once you’re happy with your catalog, we’ll even print and mail them for you! It really is that easy.

Now, if you’re still not convinced a printed catalog is the way to go, you can also turn any theme into a digital flipbook with the click of a button. Digital catalogs still provide the idea-generating benefits of a printed catalog and are a fantastic time-saving option for that unexpected client meeting! You can even add the link to your email signature or post it to your social media. Oh, and did I mention the digital version is free?

A well-designed, professionally printed (or made into a fancy flipbook) catalog is an easy way to stay top of mind with your customers, create additional revenue streams throughout the year, and even convert new customers. Learn more about the Ready-To-Go Catalogs and check out the themes here, or contact your Account Advisor for a free sample today.

Editors Note: This post was originally published in December 2016 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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