Supplier Spotlight: Catching up with Soardist

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One of the things I love the most about doing these Supplier Spotlight blogs is getting to know suppliers and their stories beyond just their names and products. It’s also really neat to be able to catch up with familiar faces every year and develop a bit of a relationship, which is exactly what I was able to do with Mark Jaroszewski at Soardist!

As Mark and I chatted about their year since we last spoke, there seems to be a reoccurring theme – Soardist has been busy! From attending a ton of trade shows to launching a brand-new line of bags, and clothing, they are steadily gaining momentum each year and they aren’t done yet!

When I asked Mark for a general overview of how things have been – his voice was filled with what could be described as elation mixed with a little bit of awe. You could hear the grin as he spoke. “It’s been incredible. If you looked at a growth graph,” he said, “the line would be at a steep incline upwards.”

Soardist’s success has a lot to do with the dream team at the company’s helm. Jacky Wang is the founder and owner of Soardist; Together with Mark, they have an uncannily good ability to predict how the market will trend and which products might be a hit. Mark says he can also contribute his success to his staff: he trusts them thoroughly to get the job done and done right. High quality and quick turnaround times have always been the top priority, especially as they continue to grow.

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When Jacky opened Soardist in 2015, he knew he had something special. Traveling back and forth between Shanghai and the United States, he knew he needed a partner and added support for marketing and sales stateside, so in 2018, he hired Mark as his VP of Sales. Mark has been instrumental in helping grow the team to more than 16 employees, including sales, marketing, production, and graphics services. Soardist has become one of the premiere dye sublimation printers in the world – and its strength comes from being directly connected to its production facility in Shanghai. Because they own their manufacturing facility, they can closely control quality and turn-around times. Because of this, they’re able to provide high quality and consistency throughout their products. They even offer free 3D mock-ups!

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Soardist’s high-quality products and quick turnaround times have also led to some great customer service stories. For example, a distributor approached them to help them win a big bid from a retail store that needed 2000 tents made quickly. Soardist was able to make their order happen in the timeframe needed, with the big box store so impressed they’ve even returned to the distributor (who returned to Soardist) to order more event displays. They’re proud to say that they’ve locked in a lifelong customer for themselves and the distributor!

So, until we get our next update, you can learn more about Soardist or keep up with their ever-growing product lines here!

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