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experiential promotional products

We’ve all heard of DIY kits. They’re fun and exciting, and they allow us to dip into our creative side.

But what makes a DIY promo product so special?

If you’re like me, when you receive an experiential or DIY promotional product, it’s one of the best gifts to get immersed in! But what most people don’t understand is that when you gift someone a DIY product, you are giving them a memorable experience.

easy bake oven
Source: Hasbro

Remember when you were younger, and all of our TV commercials were filled with DIY toys like the Easy Bake Oven? Let me tell you, I was a PRO with my easy bake oven, which led me to an obsession with baking delicious desserts all these years later. Well, experiential promotional products are the same concept, but for adults!

What is an experiential product?

An experiential product is an item that is an experience in itself. There are so many examples of this, ranging from DIY planters to polymer earring clay kits.

When your customers market their business with these products, they are providing the experience rather than solely the finished product. Sure, they could go buy a plant from Home Depot, but that isn’t as memorable as making something come to life. With experiential promo products, your customers can provide a DIY kit that includes all of the essentials to make the final product with their logo or branding!

My husband and I recently received a DIY poppy seed sprouting kit from the MLS. This kit includes poppy seeds, soil, and plant nutrients, all in a cute clay pot. I will get to have my own plant party with this kit! And a bonus for branding the clay pot because I will absolutely put it on display when my new poppy plant sprouts!

If you need a little inspiration to send to your clients, here are a few other experiential promotional products I discovered in SAGE:

DIY Smores’ Kit

I will never turn down a snack that involves chocolate. This nifty little kit includes everything needed to make the perfect smore and some hot chocolate to sip! And pairing a unique DIY kit with a branded mug is the chef’s kiss in my book.

DIY Pizza-Making Kit

One of our favorite family traditions is to make homemade pizza. My dad used to work at a pizza parlor when he was younger and taught me the art of pizza making. With this pizza-making kit, your client’s customers can be pizza masters too! It includes all of the ingredients and tools to make an amazing homemade pizza right out of the box!

DIY Plant Kit

Similar to my poppy seedling kit, this planting kit can give anyone a green thumb! With cute little potting pods, seeds, and a miniature shovel, this kit is great for a DIY giftee.

Branding DIY experiential promo products with a company’s message or logo is a great way to advertise. Take it from someone who loves these, I even have a couple of branded finished DIY kits around my own home! If you’re looking for something new and different to pitch to your clients, these experiential promos are definitely one of the more popular latest industry trends. Want to see what else is trending in promo? Check out my blog on Apparel Trends in 2023!

Have you found any cool DIY promo products lately? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Raining rose has a diy lip balm kit. Lots of diy plant kits in the industry, baking kits, cooking, etc

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