2023 Apparel Trends Forecast

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These apparel trends are soon to make their mark in 2023!

When I look to see what will be trending in the promotional apparel world, I always start my research by looking at the fashion industry first. The runway won’t be as telling as the year’s latest and greatest polo or t-shirt, but street fashion will give you a pretty good picture.

The easiest way to see what clients will be gravitating towards is to walk outside! If you live in a metropolitan area, you will notice an array of fashion. But with so many different outfits, which ones are trendy?

I have noticed that 2023 will be the year of BOLD and no one should be too shy when it comes to taking on these new styles. Let’s dive in to discover what could be the next apparel win for your customers!

2023 Style Trend: Oversized Everything

Our 2022 trend of comfort is spilling over to this year’s apparel lineup. Be prepared for orders of comfortable t-shirts, oversized hats, cozy pants, and more. People are taking comfort outside of the house and turning oversized items into fashion staples.

2023 Style Trend: A Y2K Revival

As my mother has said time and time again, “Hold on to that shirt for twenty years, and it’ll become fashionable again!”

Like we saw in 2022, Y2K is still being redeemed as a fashionable era. Denim outfits, pops of color, hair clips, scrunchies, and slouchy t-shirts are making their way back into closets everywhere. Clear jelly shoes and Paul Frank t-shirts were all the rage, but don’t worry, we can stick to the originals for now… just don’t bring back the overplucked eyebrows, we beg you.

2023 Style Trend: Wednesday Addams

Another surprising clothing trend that has made its way back into the limelight, thanks to Netflix’s comedy-horror series Wednesday, is the punk/goth aesthetic. Starring Jenna Ortega, the spinoff pays tribute to the tv hit series The Addams Family. As a salute to the show, fashionistas worldwide are turning heads with all-black attire as homage to Ortega’s character, Wednesday Addams. Now we are seeing a resurgence of punk/goth attire, accessories, and silver jewelry. It just goes to show, fashion really is a cycle!

2023 Style Trend: Ballerinas

Pointe the way to classical outfits with a stunning ballet look. As the sweet opposite of the Wednesday Addams style trend, ballerina style is a pretty in pink alternative. Turn into light pinks, tulle, and cardigans, and even find colors inspired by the 2023 Color Trends from Pantone!

2023 Style Trend: Harry Styles

Last but certainly not least, we are seeing a huge style trend in reference to Grammy-nominated artist Harry Styles. We are seeing a nod to a disco-chic era with maximalism features. Sequins, feathers, and fringe are in Mr. Style’s DNA, and his fans, “harries,” are replicating his fashion worldwide. Boas, disco fashion, and colorful outfits are all the rage with this trend.

What is your favorite fashion trend that’s making a comeback? Comment your favorite below!

Reference article: https://www.glamour.com/story/2023-style-trends

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