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In the past year, we saw a lot of new creators and creative ways to innovate your business through a strong social media presence.

The biggest takeaway from 2022 that we can bring in the new year is the word adaptability. As I’ve noted before, becoming a social media guru can not be done overnight. Whether you are a social media newbie or have been around since the dawn of Tumblr, the way to progress in small business is through being adaptable.

That all being said, here are three ways to be on top of your social media game for the new year!

UGC for Small Businesses

You’ve probably heard the term, UGC (user-generated content), being tossed around during water cooler conversations. Basically, it’s when creators, (typically paid), take a product or service and give an honest review about it. Depending on the creator, some opt for free merchandise, while others… well, expect a pretty hefty paycheck.

But what do you get out of it?

One of the best marketing techniques out there is good ol’ fashion word-of-mouth advertising. And nowadays, it is in the form of short videos, from a trusted influencer or creator.

These honest reviews inspire viewers to go out and buy the product themselves, and the sales cycle begins. And the more engagement a video has on TikTok or Instagram, the better increase in sales volume. (You do the math).

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It’s kinda like would you trust your best friend’s recommendation on a new product or the same ol’ ad on tv? Depending on who your friends are, most likely, you would trust your friend, and buy the product that they recommend.

For small businesses, the key is taking a step towards UGC. Whether your salesperson’s friend, named Bob, makes a video about your newest polo line or Susie from Finance makes a TikTok showing off the new colors for totes, making videos about your product or service can really step up your social media.

The trick is for the user to post on their own platform, not the company’s social media. That way, they reach organic audiences, that will later arrive on your website/store for more information.

Evolving With the Times

The next step into being adaptable on social media is being aware. Businesses that have a social media presence have a personality. It’s not too often you come across a page that doesn’t have a set tone, emotion, and mission behind each post.

Instead of robotically posting the same content over and over, just in different formats, try engaging posts that invoke emotion for your audience.

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And if you are going to jump on board a TikTok trend, make sure it is timely and appropriate for your audience.

As we see more businesses take their social media from “business formal” to “business casual,” ensure your tone is changing too!

In Times of Crisis

One of the top things I learned in public relations is to address the crisis. If there is a crisis, make sure you have crisis management set for your social media. Just like fire drills, in case of an emergency, your company should have a set list of things to do in case of a crisis at your company. (Big or small!)


In case of a crisis for social media, it’s a good idea to have a set list of approved set texts from management. This is not only good for streamlining communication, but also helps to not escalate the crisis further.

Your crisis communication for social media should be funneled into one line of communication from business to customer. For example, if you were to write an email explaining what happened, you would want to make sure that your social media is formatted and worded the same way.

Addressing a crisis through your social media is essential when the crisis needs to be handled immediately. Your clients will thank you for addressing the issue immediately, even if the update is that you are still reviewing the issue at hand.

Social media is a place where people go to get news now, (I know, I’m shocked too.) Posting real, strategic time updates will help foster the business-client relationship.

And, if anything were to happen again, they know they can rely on your business.

A crisis may seem like a bleak ending, but it is always better to be prepared, aware, and adaptable in the world of social media! And remember, as social channels continue to evolve, your approach should too. For more advice on all things social media, check out my 5 Rules Not to Follow for Social Media blog.

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