SAGE Product Updates: Q4 2022 Development Recap

SAGE development recap Q4 2022

And that’s a wrap for Q4 – and for 2022! Not only did the holidays keep us busy here at SAGE, but updates and new features have kept us busy too! To recap (because, like, it’s been forever since Q4 started), here’s everything we released for SAGE Total Access in Q4!

To start us off on our recap, let’s talk about SAGE Online! SAGE Online saw a variety of updates and fixes this quarter! First, if you click ’email’ from the supplier tab on the product detail page, the email will now include the item in the subject line. A discount column was also added to the order management reports. Plus, if you double-click the main image on the product detail tab, it’ll open a larger version in the window. And alerts on order status changes will now include the preorder number for the order!

Next up is SAGE Websites! This quarter’s most exciting update was that all image upload fields now support SVG and WEBP files. Yay! You also now have the option to delete current content slider images. We’ve added product names to alt tags/hover hints to boost SEO and we’ve also added a ton of tracking to SAGE Websites too, like end buyer product views, supplier profile views, and more!

SAGE Web also saw some big updates this quarter, like the SAGE supplier Brand Power Ads will now appear on product, supplier, and decorator search pages. Search Results Featured Products ads now show on the product search pages as well. Plus, category banners and keyword ads will show on product search result pages too! We’ve added a search filter in both the product and search tabs in the Project Management module. The product and supplier quick search bars are now shown on the menu throughout the entire site! Support for hyperlinking was also added to the rich text editor for presentations.

And that concludes our recap for Q4 and 2022! We have so many exciting plans for 2023, and we can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on! To check out past updates, click here!

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