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With over a million verified products in SAGE, you can almost always find the perfect item for almost every audience. But, as Infinity Headwear has figured out, there’s a slight gap in the market.

While perusing some larger apparel suppliers, you might notice a need for more variety or options in women’s wear. While many things are unisex – and as someone who lives in unisex t-shirts every day, there’s certainly nothing wrong with that – we also know that not one size fits all. This is precisely the need that Jeremy Laney, President, and Ramona Watson, Vice President of Product Development and Marketing at Infinity Headwear, have sought to fill.

Ramona and Jeremy have known each other for years – and they’re not strangers to the promotional industry. In fact, Jeremy has been in the industry for over ten years. Ramona came on board at Infinity Headwear about five years ago, and when the previous President stepped down, she reached out to Jeremy, knowing he would be the perfect fit. Ramona and Jeremy have been instrumental in bringing Infinity Headwear into the promo world, from partnering with wholesalers to launching a new brand.

Infinity Her is a brand of products specifically suited for women, from smaller hats to ones that work for those of us with shorter hair. They’ve also entirely overhauled the traditional baseball cap – including two patent-pending super cool features. One is Evolve – you know that awkward hair poof you get when you wear your hair down with your hat? (IYKYK) Gone! It’s a concealed ponytail and, honestly, a game-changer!

There’s also nothing worse than makeup staining your perfectly good sweatband. It’s kinda gross, right? The second new feature – Elude – is the solution to that. It’s a makeup-resistant sweatband that’s also breathable and wicks, so you don’t have to worry about awkward foundation or sweat stains.

Along with their two patent-pending features, they’ve also introduced a variety of fun colorways and patterns to their brand that I’m pretty sure will catch anyone’s attention!

And Infinity Her isn’t just making strides in the promotional products world. They’re also making a difference with their local charity – Beautiful Lives. Beautiful Lives is an Arkansas-based non-profit that runs three upscale thrift boutiques. They partner with local organizations, like Infinity Her, to lift and empower women.

And they’re not just stopping there! While I can’t tell you about the super exciting products they showed me, I can assure you that they are adorable, and I want at least twenty. Be sure to stop by their booth (#5657) at The PPAI Expo – they can’t wait to show you the Infinity Her brand and the fantastic features that come along with it!

For more information about Infinity Headwear, click here! To read more Supplier Spotlights, click here!

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