4 Freebies You Should Be Getting At Tradeshows

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In the promotional products industry, we are all pros of SWAG… Stuff We All Get, quoted from the infamous Michael G. Scott!

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As professionals in the promotional products industry, we know a thing or two about freebies at tradeshows. Besides some SWAG, what else could we get for free at tradeshows? Here are four free things I bring back from every tradeshow (and you should, too!).

1. Feedback. Keep your ears and mind open during tradeshows, and you might be surprised by how much others’ two cents are worth. We all tend to be biased toward our own ideas. Outsiders give excellent advice, so don’t resist their constructive criticism, it will only help you improve.

Having other fellow industry colleagues stop by and say hello is a great way to continue those ongoing relationships. Especially if they rave about your products or services. Who doesn’t love hearing that? But the people we love just as much are the ones who take the time to let us know what features we should add to improve our products. They’re the reason we continue to grow and improve.

2. Knowledge. It seems around every corner there is another opportunity to learn. All the education at these tradeshows is geared toward helping companies in the promotional products industry flourish, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of it? And the best part? They’re all FREE! Free education sessions are also a great time to ask those burning questions from experts in the field.

3. Connections. One of the most beneficial aspects of tradeshows is the opportunity to meet with people face to face. With actual human interaction becoming less common as technology evolves, we must still make the vital personal connections we need to succeed. However, it’s not merely about meeting people. It’s about forming relationships, which requires staying in touch. To keep in touch most effectively, I recommend using our SAGE Online CRM module.

4. Freebies with a Purpose. Take the opportunity to gather and kit together products for your clients. Whether you grab products from a current supplier or from one you haven’t worked with before, acquiring tangible products in hand will give you a better idea of the quality of products offered.

To take full advantage of freebies offered at tradeshows, read my blog on Tradeshows- For Ultimate Idea Generation to get started!

This article is updated from its previous publication in 2015.

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