Refresh Your Website for 2023

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The new year calls for fresh new ideas… and some updating.

Ask yourself, when was the last time I updated my site or when was the last time I chatted with my SAGE representative?

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If you can’t recall a particular month or even year, now is the time to freshen up your company site.

How often are you updating your content?

Many businesses start with a website to drive traffic to one centralized location. When is the best time to refresh your website to stay relevant?

It’s time to update when you have the following:

  • New Contact Information
  • Location Changes/Additions
  • New Products/Services
  • New Content/Updates

What is the importance of updating content?

As industry experts, our goal for creating good content is to attract new prospects and keep current clients returning to our website. When updating your site, make sure you have these basics elements in place before adding additional content:

About Us Page- This page is dedicated to your company’s history. Where did it all begin?

Our Services Page- A list of services offered and add-ons available.

Our Staff/Team Page- A page for staff members or a paragraph describing your team. Include your company’s mission and values.

Google Search

Google algorithms change daily. The goal of the search engine is to provide the most accurate results to the searcher.

What can your business do to appear on Google?

There are many things you can do to increase your online presence on Google and drive more traffic to your website. One thing that has remained consistent is frequent site updates and relevant industry content. The more keywords that are relevant to your client’s search, the better chances are they will end up on your page.  

As mentioned above, a great way to include a bunch of keywords at once is to include an Our Services page. This page would be dedicated to all your company’s services offered. Whether that is promotional products or printing, it’s a great quick way to show clients if your company would best suit their needs.

Potential keywords to include:

  • Promotional Products
  • Promotional Items
  • Company Stores
  • Embroidery
  • Branding
  • Printing

Listing your services will increase the likelihood of your company website popping up on a prospect’s Google search.

Maintaining Relevancy

So how do you stay relevant to incoming web traffic?

If your services have changed or you no longer offer a service, keep your website content up to date to keep clients in the know!

In the world of promo, there is always a new season coming up. One of the easiest and fastest ways to keep your website relevant is changing your gallery images according to the next season. An example of the holiday season approaching could be images of employee appreciation awards, kits, baskets, and gift sets. Just like the main image on your favorite department store website, eyeing that first-holiday item on your homepage is a way to pique your client’s interest!

Changing up home page banners and gallery images are great ways to keep your website up to date.

Keeping Customers Engaged

Now that you have clients on your website, what are you doing to keep them there? Sometimes we wish there was a magical command for prospects to stay on our websites, like when we tell our puppies to “STAY!”. Keeping your clients connected should be simple and easy but unfortunately, there isn’t a one size fits all for every website. Let’s learn how to make clients “STAY!” and engage with your website.

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  • Pop-Up Ads featuring a limited-time offer or a closeout deal on an overflow of inventory are also a good way for clients to act fast.
  • Special Offers and Giveaways- Special offers such as limited-time deals can incentive prospects to purchase now rather than later. Including offers in email campaigns can also drive clients to your site. Featuring discounts for a limited time can increase traffic as well as increase the percentages of sales. “Free with purchase” items and a “discount towards your purchase” are other ways to encourage clients to “Add to Cart.”
  • Newsletter/Email Sign Up- This is best for anyone reading your blog or testimonials. This pop-up should be quick and easy, so your client can return to your website.

Preparing for 2023

If you feel disorganized and don’t know where to start for 2023, now is the time to start developing good habits and keeping a schedule for updating your website. Here are a few steps to get you prepared for the new year.

Step 1: Updating Images- Once a month, go onto your website and update images. Whether this is product or gallery images, keeping your images fresh allows you to stand out from your competitors.

Step 2: Post Case Studies- A long time ago, case studies were dedicated to only research-based articles. Now in our industry, we can expand on our successful projects and campaigns. You can divide these case studies into two schools of thought, industry-specific or top sellers. Did you have a successful project with a school district or a large campaign with drinkware in the summer? Case studies are a way for clients to see your work in action.

Step 3: Testimonial Pages- 92% of people trust a recommendation that comes from a peer. Source: LinkedIn One of the things we look for the most before purchasing a product are ratings and reviews. Have current clients write a recommendation for your website. A testimonial page builds credibility and trust between you and the prospect. If you have SAGE Website Professional or Professional Plus, this feature is included.

Step 4: Build Your Showroom- As industry professionals, we are very visual people. When everything is put together in one place, we can visualize a future project. Showrooms are a simple solution to keeping your website full of great ideas. Develop a product showroom to display products by category or industry. With the product showroom capability with a SAGE website, you can easily categorize products by top-selling, budget-friendly, industry, and more to help clients put together an idea for their next campaign.

Updating content and keeping your website fresh can be overwhelming, but our SAGE experts are here to help! For more information on keeping your website up to date, watch our webinar Refresh Your Website for 2023, or reach out to your Account Advisor today!

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