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As we near the end of the year and the holiday season is gearing up, now is the time when most businesses are looking for ways to give back to their communities – it is the season of giving, after all! Or maybe they’re working on a home or office deep clean to start fresh in the New Year. And you may be in the same boat!

So, what can you do at the end of the year to give back to your community, as well as try and clear up some of the different promotional products lying around?

Donate it, of course!

We also know that in our industry, just like other industries, mistakes happen! Maybe a product came back as a misprint; perhaps it was the wrong color, or maybe a client canceled an order… whatever occurred – don’t throw those products away!

Ask your client if you can donate them, and if they’ve given you the okay, here are three ways you can donate that promo:

1. Donate clothing to a domestic abuse shelter

When someone is fleeing a domestic abuse situation, they often don’t have the opportunity to grab more than a few essential personal items before they make their way to a shelter or resource center – and that includes clothing. By donating clothing to a shelter, you can provide fresh, clean clothes to those in need, which can mean the world to someone trying to get back on their feet after getting out of a horrible situation.

You can find a domestic abuse shelter local to you here.

2. Donate stuffed animals and toys to a hospital or fire station

Whether you’ve got a local children’s hospital or general hospital – donating stuffed animals and toys to them could make a child’s day… or even their whole year!

There’s nothing more comforting than a soft, stuffed friend when a little one is going through a rough time. Whether they just lost all their toys in a fire or they’re going through scary medical tests, a stuffed friend can help them feel a little less scared in big, adult situations.

Be sure to check with your local hospital or fire station to see how they’d like to receive those toys.

3. Donate pens, journals, and bags to schools

Did you know that a teacher, on average, spends about $750 on supplies each school year? And that’s out of their own pocket. Kids are our future, and it is crucial to ensure they have the best resources to learn and grow!

Donating pens, notebooks, journals, and bags to schools is a great way to provide children with the essentials they need to succeed. You can either pair with an organization like or donate supplies directly to a local school in your area.

And even if you don’t have any leftover product to donate or can’t donate due to a client agreement, you can always do something with your own company! Now is the season of giving, so run a toy or canned food drive or even make a really cool holiday-themed shirt and donate the proceeds to a local organization! The options for giving back listed above are just the beginning – the possibilities are truly limitless!

Did you know? If you’re looking for promo products for your customers that give back, you can use the Social Good search filter in SAGE to find suppliers that partner with causes or organizations near and dear to your heart.

If you’re looking for more ways your business can make the world a better place, check out our other blogs on Corporate Social Responsibility, The Promotional Power of Giving Back, or visit to get involved!

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