“Damn Good” Branding: Torchy’s Tacos

Torchys Tacos Branding

Today is a great day! I finally get to have an exclusive fireside chat with you about one of my favorite brands—Torchy’s Tacos (or, as most of us call it, Torchy’s for short).

If you haven’t tried Torchy’s, I am so sorry for your loss. This taco company delivers unique, high-quality ingredients straight to your tastebuds and is the epiphany of a fast-casual gourmet taco restaurant.

However, I’m not here to talk about the deliciousness of their food, okay maybe a little, but more about their incredibly successful marketing efforts!

I stumbled upon Torchy’s in my early college years and have been a huge fan of their marketing (and food) ever since.

Torchy’s has mastered the ability to create effective marketing campaigns with the use of strategic promotional items. So, are you ready to inspire your clients with a brand you just have to taco-bout?

Where It Began

Torchy’s was founded in Austin, TX, by Mike Rypka. He bought a food trailer and a red Vespa with a dream to start a taco joint. After making his taco dreams come true, one of his customers noted, “Damn, these tacos are good!” And the rest is history. Source: Torchy’s Tacos

Now trust me when I tell you, I’m not the only one that will do anything for these tacos, or the promo, for that matter. Torchy’s Tacos has over 100 stores across the nation, and when they open a brand-new store, it’s an experience, not just a taco-lover’s destination.

Source: Instagram

Grand Opening Events

When you arrive at a grand opening event, you will be immersed in the culture of Torchy’s. It’s not a choice, either. Their branding is so spot on that the moment you arrive, you’ve entered into a very well-rehearsed and implemented branding experience.

Taco junkies from around the US arrive in droves for Torchy’s grand opening promo. That’s right. THEIR PROMO. Let me paint the picture for you. A grand opening event is not just a line to get into the restaurant. You are surrounded by Torchy’s branding, their mascot parading about, and, most importantly, promotional products everywhere.

Torchy’s t-shirts are launched from t-shirt cannons by none other than the baby devil himself, the restaurant’s cheeky mascot.

Source: Instagram

Koozies, stickers pens, you name it, become collectible items for taco junkies across the nation. People line up for Torchy-gear and even purchase more inside. I will say they give out free scoops of their world-famous queso while you wait, which is also a plus.

Torchy’s grand opening events are so popular that they even have local businesses come out and give out promo items at their event! At the grand opening in Denton, TX, Torchy’s invited local breweries to give away beer samples to those waiting in line, along with laptop/phone stickers. Grand openings make great opportunities to get connected with local businesses and companies!

As a frequent patron of the taco establishment, I do admire their marketing efforts and promotional campaigns.

Source: Instagram

Social Media

If you take a look at Torchy’s social media, you’ll find a consistent branding message throughout all of their posts.

Tacos, Torchy’s mascot, and their signature red effervescence.

Torchy’s signature branding makes it easy to spot their social a mile away when endlessly scrolling on social platforms.

Another notable thing about their social is they keep up with current trends. Whether a trend is happening with a meme or a funny TikTok dance, Torchy’s social media team knows how to translate and incorporate that trend into their branding.

Promo by Torchy’s

Source: Instagram

Torchy’s merchandise can be found on their social, website, and in stores. When people are this passionate about tacos and queso, they want to represent it, myself included.

If there’s one thing you can take from this article is that inspiration can be found anywhere, even at your local favorite taco joint. Building a brand doesn’t happen overnight, but you never know when creativity will strike.

If you want to look into how companies put together good branding, check out my Creating a Branding and Style Guide for more information!

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