SAGE Product Update: Q3 2022 Development Recap

Q3 development recap 2022

Whew! It’s finally over – Q3, that is! Though I won’t lie, I’m thrilled that fall has finally started, and we may get some cooler weather on the horizon. Hopefully, fingers crossed. At least the 100-degree days are over – always looking at the bright side! 

But even though the majority of Q3 felt like it was in the dog days of summer, that didn’t slow us down here at SAGE! Our goal has always been to bring you the best technology to keep your business ahead of the curve and make your workday the finest it can be. That means making constant tweaks and updates to our products to ensure they’re at their very best so you can be at your very best.

So, without delay, let’s jump into everything we’ve been up to in quarter three. 

SAGE Mobile saw the most significant updates this quarter! To start, we added two new fields to the recent activity filter. You can now filter by the specific client and the last seven days. On the product search page, we added an EQP checkbox. The product detailing page got a brand-new label called “additional info” with new options to filter like “exclusive item” and “not suitable for all audiences.” The “exclusive item” search means you’ll be able to hunt for exclusive products only sold by certain distributors. For “not suitable for all audiences,” you can search for items only appropriate for the 18 and over crowd. You can also view the shipping and product origin on the product detail page.

The supplier search page also got some new field options like country, ship point, and a filter for social responsibility (both supplier and decorator!). This means you can now filter where the supplier is based, where your products will be shipping from, and if they support the same social good organizations. 

Suppose you have many projects assigned to various employees. In that case, you can now search by the project owner to filter down to check on each project by the owner in the Projects area. 

Also, in the Projects area, if you’re in the activity notes section, you can now left swipe to copy the activity notes, edit the activity notes, and toggle client visibility. You can now search and filter them, too – we added both a search bar and filter. We’ve also added left swipe options to files meaning you can now left swipe to duplicate a file, view file properties, and rename a file!

A few new checkboxes were added, too, like “enabling dashboard” and “allow payment.” These checkboxes control whether or not you would like your clients to be able to see their client dashboard and if you’d like your clients to make payments from there.

Here are some other great features that have been added: 

  • You can now copy chat transcripts to the clipboard.
  • Save transcripts to your files app.
  • If you’d like SAGE Mobile to send you push notifications while you’re away, you can now toggle that on in the app settings.
  • If you navigate away from the message box to reference something else in the app – the text will be saved in a draft for you when you return.
  • You can also now search chats!

Like Farnsworth from Futurama says, “Good news, everyone!” The cart file attachment size limit has been increased to 20MB! Plus, your logo, as well as the cart item, will now be added to all packing slips.

We’ve also moved to hCaptcha from CAPTCHA to prevent fraud. 

You might have already noticed, but we’ve updated SAGE Web’s look! We’ve also changed the favorites icon from a star to a heart. And now you can copy to Microsoft Office with a special new button added to order forms in Order Management. This means once you create an order form, you’ll be able to copy that order form right to your preferred Microsoft Office program!

In the project section of SAGE Web, if you navigate to the shipping tab, you’ll see all the shipping information added for that project. However, want to make a change or don’t need to ship something out anymore? No problem! Simply click the small trash can icon to the right of the shipment to delete it.

In the activity area of SAGE Web, you’ll see two new options when you select the three dots that appear when you hover over the activity. You can now toggle whether or not you’d like your client to see these activities, or you can delete the selected activity.

Plus, the maximum product search results have been increased by 10k – from 25k to 35k! 

In SAGE Online, we’ve also had some minor changes! Like in SAGE Web, the favorites icon was changed from a star to a heart. And salesperson summary reports will now include additional charges, columns for a total discount price and cost, and a column for commissions.

Last but not least – SAGE Connect! Suppliers can now access a brand new order form download module. They can also access the product detail module for their own products!

We sure were busy! Which update was your favorite? Do you have any updates you’d like to see in the future? Let us know in the comments below! To check out past development update blogs, click here!

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  1. we are trying to get the number of clients who bought from us in the last 12 months
    is there an easy way to get that from our Sage account?

    • We are having your SAGE representative reach out to you - thank you. Have a great evening!

  2. When will we get total access for our Mac?

    • Thank you for your request. I am having your SAGE representative reach out to you. Have a wonderful evening!

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