5 Ways to Get Organized With SAGE Total Access

SAGE Total Access

Have you said the phrase,

“I have way too many things to do and not enough time in the week to do it!”

You’re not alone. When it comes to the promotional products industry, we often dream of a program that could help us along the way, so we could make just one more sale or reach one more client. That dream, my friend, is not too far away. Now you can relax, take a deep breath, and know that streamlining your way to success is just one click away!

… or blog I should say.

With SAGE Total Access it’s easy to get (and stay) organized. The all-in-one business solution does so much more than product research! You have questions? We have answers!

Read on to see how each of the below modules (included in SAGE Total Access) integrate with one another and can help you manage your orders from start to finish, all in one place.

SAGE’s CRM Module

Question: What is the best way to store my client information?

Answer: From sticky notes to overused Excel spreadsheets, we all know there are better ways to store our client’s information. The SAGE’s CRM module does all of the hard work for you so you can upload, sort, and store your contacts all in one location.

By having your client’s info in the CRM module, you can easily schedule follow-ups and tasks to cater to your client’s needs throughout the entire sales process. Plus you can refine your lead generation and increase your client retention by tracking where your leads came from, recording sales opportunities, and more all in the client’s profile.

And if you need more proof in the pudding, you can also measure your data by creating reports on key sales, marketing, and team performance metrics. You can learn more in our CRM Strategy Whitepaper.

SAGE Project Management

Question: How can I organize my orders and keep everything in one place?

Answer: Sometimes, staying on track with your clients’ orders can be a bit daunting. That’s where SAGE’s Project Management Module steps in to put your mind at ease.

The Project Management module helps you keep everything organized by integrating with all areas of SAGE, including the CRM and Order Management modules. You can track your orders from start to finish, customize your workflow and improve your team’s organization. Your company will save valuable time prioritizing projects and setting schedules; that way your team is on track to success!

And for a bonus, with SAGE Project Management, streamline your client communication through the easy-to-use client portal!

SAGE Presentation Publisher

Question: No one wants to sit through a presentation, how can I make it easier to send products to my clients?

Answer: Presentations are no longer just for PowerPoints. Behold a new era of customized, digital sales presentations that don’t require WordArt!

With the SAGE Presentation Publisher, share what’s trending in promo to your customers or prospective clients anytime, anywhere with a simple share and send! You can really seal the deal by using the SAGE Virtual Design Studio to add your client’s logo to each of the products in your presentation. You can also receive feedback from your client in real-time, converting your prospect into a sale!

If you would like more details, look into this Beginner’s Guide: Presentation Publisher.

SAGE Email Campaigns

Question: How can I keep my clients up to date with the latest promo products?

Answer: Sending a follow-up is one thing but creating an email marketing campaign is another. SAGE Email Campaigns can do the hard work for you!

With SAGE Total Access, we create ready-to-send email marketing solutions that are pre-populated with themed promotional products that link to your SAGE Website. Each month, we create two predesigned emails that are filled with timely promotional products for you to customize and send, keeping your business top of mind with customers.

You can even organize and group your clients with SAGE’s CRM to create exclusive email campaigns tailored for their industry. Feeling creative? You can design your own email campaigns in the easy-to-use module as well.

Plus, with SAGE Total Access, you get 25 free emails to send each month!

SAGE Order Management

Question: I need a way to manage my order forms. Can SAGE help me with that?

Answer: With SAGE Order Management you can easily create quotes, sales orders, purchase orders, invoices, reorder items, and more.

All of your client’s info is stored in the CRM, so going through the order process is super simple. And one of the best things to know is that the Order Management module integrates with QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online.

Here’s a Beginner’s Guide to Order Management if you would like to dive a little deeper.

Staying organized and working more efficiently has never been easier. Want to learn more cool things you can do with SAGE? Check out our video tutorials in SAGEmember.com, or you can find additional resources here.

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