5 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

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As creatives, sometimes we get into, well, ruts. It’s inevitable! The creative juices stop working, and we probably are facing impending products and deadlines that are just over the horizon and are ready to attack. And we’re just… stuck.

But just like unthawing a hose, with just a little warmth and patience, you can get your creative juices flowing again. Here are our tried and true ways to boost your creativity.

Social Media

Social media is not just good for boosting your brand – it’s a great way to get some fresh inspiration too! Just searching #promotionalproducts brings up many fun ideas and ways people use promotional products to boost their brand. Plus, Pinterest isn’t just for recipes and quick mom hacks – it’s a pinboard for anything, which means promo products too! Or, if you have a Facebook account, joining a Facebook group is an excellent way to interact with other professionals, generate ideas, and drum up some much-needed motivation. Make mindlessly scrolling through social media productive!

SAGE Community

While Facebook groups are fantastic – we can do you one better! SAGE Community is a great way to connect with other SAGE users to problem-solve, brainstorm, and more! You can browse through hundreds of posts for inspiration, or if you’re stuck on a particular project, you can make a post to ask for brainstorming help. Fellow professionals will be happy to jump in and lend a hand to help you get unstuck. You can learn how to use SAGE Community here.

Webinars and Podcasts

Sometimes you just need a quick break! Watching a webinar is an excellent way to take a load off while still being productive with your time and get some industry education! SAGE has a library of all kinds of webinars you can peruse on SAGEMember.com, and you can also sign up for future ones here.

We also recommend Promo Kitchen and PromoCast Canada if you like a good podcast. Both webinars and podcasts are excellent ways to hear from other professionals in the industry. And, sometimes, it helps to get a refresher or different perspective on things you may already know.

Reevaluate Your Project

I am a person who not only writes for a living, but I write creatively and draw too. Sometimes when I’m stuck on a project, whether it’s in my personal or professional life, I sit back and reevaluate how to approach it. Sometimes, a breakthrough comes if I put down what I’m working on and do something else. Walking away from my computer for a bit and taking a fifteen-minute break, walking or playing with my dog, or even taking a quick run to the store can help get things moving again.

Be Gentle With Yourself

Everyone gets stuck sometimes, and that’s okay! It’s important to remember that you’re only human, and sometimes our creativity flickers like an overused lightbulb. If one day is a wash productivity-wise, that’s okay too; try some of our tips above or use your day for research, eat a good meal with lots of antioxidants, drink lots of water, get a good night’s sleep, and know that tomorrow is a new day!

For more ideas on how to boost your creativity, check out the rest of our blogs here!

Editors Notes: This post was originally published in April 2015 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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