4 Methods To Generate More Online Sales

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Navigating the internet as a business can be a challenge!

From trying to figure out just what Google wants for SEO to how to make your business social media accounts shine: even the most seasoned website pros will sometimes be left scratching their heads. Especially when it comes to e-commerce and generating online sales.

Here are 5 methods you can implement today to generate more online sales:

1. Make it Easy For Your Customers to Order

We touched on this last year in this blog, but making it easy for your customers to order products is essential. You’re less likely to generate online sales if they have to jump through a dozen hoops – like calling or filling out an order form to email you. It’s also a good idea to make your website easy to navigate so they can easily find the products they’re looking for. SAGE Websites make that a breeze by integrating with the SAGE database so your customer can search for whatever product they’re looking for any time of day, not just during your business hours.

Or, if you have a customer that reorders frequently, bring up the possibility of a company store with them. SAGE Company Stores allow your customers to order anything they might need for their business or organization quickly and easily with the click of a mouse or a finger tap. They’re entirely customizable, and you can add as many products as you see fit and curate them to your customer’s needs.

2. Make Sure Your Customers Can Reach You

One of the perks of online shopping is researching and comparing products before purchasing. From the comfort of their home or office, customers can browse for hours to find the perfect item they’re looking for without having to spend time and effort traveling from store to store, hunting for what they need.

However, customers may ask, “can I have this rush-ordered?” or “does this come in extended sizes?”

That’s where live chat comes in. Live chat is like having a salesperson assist customers in a traditional storefront. Rather than filling out a form or waiting 1-2 days for an answer, your customers can simply type in the live chat box at the bottom of the screen and get a response in no time. This can drastically help increase customers’ purchasing decisions. And luckily, it isn’t as complicated as it may seem to add a live chat box to your website: because SAGE has one! SAGE Chat is a great way to establish that connection between your business and your customers. Click here to learn more about why you should add live chat to your website.

3. Entice Them With Email Campaigns

Email campaigns are an excellent way to drive traffic to your website – and SAGE Email Campaigns make designing (or selecting one of our premade ones) and emailing them to your customers a breeze. Plus, we offer two new predesigned email campaigns each month – we do all the work, so you don’t have to! Each month has two different themes with specially curated products – like Products for a Cause or Corporate Gifts. There is even a vast library of predesigned emails so you can find what you’re looking for.

4. Offer Specials!

Everyone loves to save money, from the grocery store’s weekly ads to your favorite clothing store’s coupon codes; how many times have you purchased more than you intended just to get a deal? Putting special offers on your homepage, social media, or in your email campaigns will attract more visitors, especially those on the fence about purchasing. If the incentive expires, it’ll give your customers a sense of urgency to pull the trigger on their order. Plus, using a promo code will help you track your campaign’s success.

Generating sales from your websites is all about having the right tools! Click for more information on getting started with a SAGE Website or driving more traffic to your website, or contact your Account Advisor today!

Editors Notes: This post was originally published in October 2014 and has been revamped and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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