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The last year has gone by really fast – and it’s been jam-packed. Mark Jaroszewski from SoarDist knows that better than anyone.

It was May 2021 when we last sat down with Mark, and SoarDist was coming out of the first year of the pandemic with big goals for the future. So, when I sat down with Mark this time, I naturally wanted to get an update on those goals and see if any more had popped up since.

Let’s just say that SoarDist exceeded their goals… and then some!

When I asked Mark for a general overview of how things have been at SoarDist – his voice was filled with what could be described as elation mixed with a little bit of awe. “Oh, man,” you could hear the grin as he spoke. “It’s been incredible.” If you looked at a growth graph, he said, the line would be at a steep incline upwards – and it’s only continuing to increase.

SoarDist’s success has a lot to do with the dream team at the company’s helm. Jacky Wang is the founder and owner of SoarDist. Together with Mark, they have an uncannily good ability to predict how the market will trend and which products might be a hit. Mark says he can also contribute his success to his staff: he trusts them thoroughly to get the job done, and done right.

Last year, SoarDist expressed an interest in getting into the apparel market. Mark was excited to tell me all about one of the biggest projects they’ve had to date and it was in apparel!

A large global shipping company contacted them to outfit their U.S. division. They worked directly with the distributor and client to provide them with multiple samples to choose from and were able to fulfill multiple five thousand piece orders and are now working toward a global merchandising deal.

And that’s their primary goal – continuing to grow globally. Last year, Mark said they were looking to expand into Spain and Australia – and they’ve done that exceedingly well. Mark says they would also like to have offices in more countries – plus expand their product lines. They’ve got something up their sleeve that I’ve been sworn to secrecy about but I can assure you, it’s a game changer.

Overall, Mark is incredibly proud of how much SoarDist has grown and is continuing to expand! He gets excited when he sees the flags or other display materials in public spaces that SoarDist created because it reinforces all the hard work he, Jacky, and their team puts in.

To learn more about SoarDist (SAGE# 51482) or keep an eye out for their next big release, visit their website here. To read more Supplier Spotlights, click here.

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