SAGE Product Update: Q2 2022 Development Recap

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Two quarters down and only one more to go until summer is over here in Texas – and yes, I’m going to continue complaining about the heat until the 100-degree days stop. Hopefully, they stop soon. For all of our sakes.

All joking aside, the second quarter was no less busy than the first for us – and we rolled out some pretty great quality of life updates to SAGE Online and SAGE Web. But, our biggest development update came to SAGE Chat with some fantastic features that are really exciting!

So, without further delay, let’s jump in and take a look at everything quarter two had to offer. 

Starting with SAGE Web, we updated the search method so that all of our platforms – SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile are now entirely in sync. More product information was added to the product detail section so that it matches SAGE Online – and now you can even add products and searches directly to your projects! We’ve also added new project settings. Plus – my favorite addition to SAGE Web: we added a Social Good Programs filter to both supplier and decorator searches, so you can search for products that support causes you and your customers care about even easier.

We’ve also added in “hidden for end-users,” “not suitable for all audiences,” and “exclusive item” options for additional information about products. 

For SAGE Online, we added just a few minor updates to the project and presentation areas. When you’re working on a project, you can now right-click to add products straight from the File Center. Additionally, profit margins in SAGE Order Management will take discounts into account. Another oft-requested feature has been added to the Print Studio – users can now create white and gray style options for larger catalogs just like the smaller digest catalogs.

Our biggest and most exciting updates came to SAGE Chat this quarter. Not only did we do a little refresh to the app styling – but we added new tabs and page styling in the settings area as well. We also added new icons (transcript action menu, right-click context menu, and more) for a fresh new look.

If you speak French or Spanish, we’ve added support for both languages and a touch keyboard for non-English characters. There is now also a spelling configuration area to adjust spelling options so you can set it to ignore spell-check for uppercase words, words containing numbers, and more.

Additionally, if your chat is going a mile-a-minute and you want to respond to a specific message (not just the most recent one), you can now right-click on the specific message you would like to reference and select “reply” to distinguish and quote the message.

I’ve definitely saved the best for last – and by far our favorite update – SHIFT+ENTER now creates a new line rather than sending the message!

And that wraps it up for our updates in Q2, which one did you like the most? Let me know in the comments below! We can’t wait to show you everything we’ve planned for Q3. To look back at past updates, click here!  

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