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Celebrating National Zoo and Aquarium Month

June marks the start of an important month focused on conservation and research. Accredited zoos and aquariums play a large role in the preservation and rehabilitation for many different species. During National Zoo and Aquarium Month, people are encouraged to visit and engage in interactive educational programs on animals and marine life to further awareness and conservation efforts.

So what does this mean for the promotional products industry?

Product inspiration! We took a little field trip of our own to the Dallas World Aquarium, a short distance from our HQ in Addison, Texas, to take a look into the best promo product inspiration hub: the gift shop!

If you haven’t visited an aquarium or zoo lately, this is your sign to go! We discovered tons of high-quality, branded products that were handy, useful, and just flat-out fun.


From coffee mugs to tumblers, each item is uniquely branded to the Dallas World Aquarium. What I noticed about all of the drinkware promo products is that they were heavily insulated, even down to the kid’s cups.

The aquarium allows drinks inside the facility, so buying a drinkware item seemed reasonable to carry around. Water was a must due to the humid climate for the animals and open-tanked marine life.

I also found this interesting pop-top insulated tumbler and it grabbed my attention immediately! The design is perfect for your favorite drink on a nice, summer day!


The variety and selections for a unique magnet were impeccable. Some with beautiful photographs, others with graphic designs, each exclusive to the Dallas World Aquarium. One even had a useful little temperature gauge!

As a magnet collector myself, magnets make great gifts and collectibles to treasure and share the memories you have from your visit.


Surprisingly, they had a limited bag selection but did offer one free with a $50 purchase. With the large image and conservation facts on the bottom, who wouldn’t want this cute reusable bag?


Right when you walk into any zoo or aquarium gift shop, one of the first things you see are the huge mounds of plushes. The massive selection of different stuffed animals was immaculate. What’s most fun and enticing is the number of creatures and even colors to choose from. You can get an otter in brown, pink, or even purple! Though they are geared mostly toward children, they are very eye-catching (and fun!) for the adults too.

Patches and Stickers

One of my favorite promo products we discovered were the stickers and clever patches. Each sticker and patch was branded with the aquarium’s name or logo. Kids and adults alike can collect and use these to decorate planners or laptops, or patch them onto your favorite jacket/vest!

Now, go celebrate National Zoo and Aquarium Month and while you’re at it, you’re sure to get some promo ideas for your customers too!

Learn more about National Zoo and Aquarium Month here.

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