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If you’ve been in the promotional products industry for a minute, you’ve probably heard some talk about company stores and how they can be a great way to help your clients keep their branding consistent while ordering uniforms, selling merch, incentivizing teams, and more. But how much do you really know about these totally customizable online stores?

Let’s take a deep dive into what company stores are and a few different types of typical stores that businesses use to meet their various promotional needs.

First up, what is a company store?

Company stores are custom web pages used by companies and organizations to sell their branded merchandise, marketing goods, or incentive products. Company is the key word here: these sites are solely for a specific brand. That means that each company store is unique, and no two stores are the same.

Okay, I’m interested… what are some of the major features of company stores?

Let’s break it down!

Company stores typically have a smaller product selection. This isn’t Amazon Prime! Instead of having thousands or even millions of products, company stores will often have anywhere from just a few to several dozen carefully curated products.

They’re personalized and customizable, so each store can be made to meet your client’s needs specifically. Products are set up with logos and artwork already selected and added, so there’s no guesswork for your customers.

What do people use company stores for?

All sorts of things! Company stores can do just about anything from selling branded merch to ordering team uniforms or offering rewards to employees and customers.

What are some common types of company stores?

We are so glad you asked. Here are some of the most common types of company stores:

Rewards Programs

Company stores are ideal for offering rewards to employees and customers alike. Rewards can include branded merchandise like apparel, drinkware, and bags, or high-value incentive gifts like speakers, appliances, technology items, and more. Or better yet, you can do both to offer a full spectrum of appreciation to your teams!

Pop-Up Stores

Have you ever heard of a pop-up shop? Pop-up shops are typically short-term shopping experiences set up in an existing business’s space to sell limited-edition merch in a fun setting. You can replicate the pop-up shop experience online with a pop-up company store! Pop-ups typically run for just a few weeks or less and are a great way to collect group orders for products, run a promotional holiday store, and more.

Merch Stores

Have you ever bought merch from a musician, sports team, or artist you love online? That’s a company store! Or a type of one, at least. Merch stores are perfect for online personalities, musicians, sports teams, artists, and anyone else who has branded products like shirts, bandanas, totes, and more that they’d like to offer their fans.

Oh wow, so you can do almost anything with a company store! How can we get one?

That’s where we come in. SAGE offers several different company store options, so there’s bound to be a perfect store for you and your clients. Our company store options allow distributors to streamline their order management, cut out the approval process, and make sales and reordering simple.

To learn more about SAGE Company Stores, visit our website or give your Account Advisor a call.

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