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Although they’re newcomers to the promotional products world, that hasn’t stopped Northeastern Promotions from making serious waves within the industry and they have absolutely no plans on slowing their roll any time soon.

They have manufactured fabrics and cloth goods for retailers like Home Depot for over twenty years – so they absolutely know everything there is about fabrics and apparel. As a family-run business, they have been able to explore the promotional products industry and, much like the rest of us, fell in love with the ins and outs. Northeastern Promotions can bring a good quality product with excellent customer service to the industry.

What sets Northeastern Promotions apart is the fact that they own their factories and they never run out of stock because they make everything from fabric. They have cut out the middleman completely, making it easier to produce apparel and other dye-sublimated goods. Based in both China and Bangladesh, they have another trick up the sleeve that helps them stand out among the crowd: their relationship with the other factories around them allows them to source products they might not typically carry for their customers.

This means that they have the ability to make completely custom apparel for each and every customer. With a master tailor and sewists on staff, they can create new cuts of shirts, pants, and anything their customers need. For example, if you want a shirt with a long sleeve and a short sleeve, while you might get weird looks, they can do it for you! All you have to do is send them the apparel concept you want, and they will get it done. If you would like a jersey that has a different colored sleeve from the collar and chest with dye-sublimation? No problem. They also have a full graphic design team on staff to help you with your vision. From the ability to create a logo for your new sports team to put on their jerseys, to designing a unique and completely dye-sublimated piece of apparel for your needs – they can do it. They’ll even walk you along every step of the way, from conception and proofs to samples, manufacturing, and shipping your apparel.

Oh, and their ability to dye-sublimate anything? It’s true. With over 20 of the newest and best printers available in the industry now, they can turn around some seriously awesome apparel in a short amount of time. So that big order of dye-sublimated jerseys you need by next month? Northeastern Promotions can do it!

Speaking of which…

When I asked about a favorite project they did recently, they told me that not long ago, they had an order of over one thousand jerseys that included some tedious detail. With a laugh, they explained that their team had to put individual names on each jersey. Despite the odds and through incredibly hard work (and a lot of quality control), they were able to get the jerseys to the customers on time, which cemented their place as one of the top dye-sublimated jersey specialists in the industry.

In addition to ease of production, that’s another bonus to having their own factories and printers: they can handle larger quantities of orders that many suppliers wouldn’t be able to accommodate. In fact, they’re able to handle such great quantities that if a larger retailer needed an item to distribute throughout multiple locations, they would be able to easily! But that doesn’t mean they can’t also do small quantities – like when they made a completely custom motorcycle jacket for a CEO of a larger company. The possibilities are endless!

As always, when I talk to suppliers I like to ask about the future of their company; if they have any exciting new products or technology they’re hoping to utilize in the future. Northeastern Promotions is working on doing a deep dive on a program that will allow their customers to design their own apparel completely. Top to bottom and inside and out – which will easily be a game-changer, especially with the dye-sublimation capabilities that Northeastern Promotions has.

To learn more about Northeastern Promotions (SAGE# 51459), click here. To read more supplier spotlights, click here.

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