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Sometimes it’s hard to develop new and innovative ideas for your clients. You may ask yourself,

“What do the people want?”

“What do they need?”

In all lines of work, occasionally, we get stuck in a rut, and we continue with the “same old, same old.” Coming up with new ideas on what products are trending in the industry can be tricky. You can look at competitors or even see what is the new “it” item on social media. But there isn’t a magic equation to figure out what’s fresh and new.

Even I was curious about how to stay #trendy with promo products and I looked to my team here at SAGE for answers. Our wonderful, amazing, and extremely vital Information Services department is full of experts on all things SAGE!

So, you can take a deep breath and relax because they have quite a few fresh and innovative promo product ideas that are always updated in SAGE Total Access.

If you look on SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile, there is a little carousel of products dancing across the bottom of your screen. Those, my friend, are the Fresh Ideas products.

My wonderful coworkers in Information Services look through countless pages of products each day to handcraft a specialized line of hot-off-the-press promo products.

Here are just a few of the featured fresh ideas of this week:

If you want to look a little more closely, it’s really simple. Go to the Product Search and go to the bottom of the screen under Other Filter Options. Click “Fresh Ideas” and Start Search.

Fresh Products are the equivalent of Google’s “I’m feeling lucky” button. Some might say it’s random, but it’s an out-of-the-box way to look at promo products in a new light. Most of us go into a product search with a specific group of items in mind, whether that is health & fitness, school & universities, conference gear, etc. But other times, we can find ourselves stuck at square one, not knowing where to go next.

What’s neat about the Fresh Ideas search is that it is an easy tool, perfect for idea generation. When I look through the page, I find myself saying, “Well, that’s cool.” Or “I haven’t thought about that being a promo product.”

For example, I was scrolling through the fresh products page and found an automatic water bottle with a bowl. It also comes with a little dog tag for a company’s logo. I could see myself with my puppy at the dog park using this, and what a creative way to market a business! This would be great for any pet store, pet fundraiser, or charity event. Your clients will love all the new and trendy ideas being brought to the table!

The Fresh Ideas page is also an excellent launching pad for making unique catalogs and being a business that offers something “different.”

The Fresh Ideas page sometimes even features some old favorites, but with a twist and a different branding perspective. Like the water bottle I mentioned before, pairing it with a bowl and dog tag is something I haven’t seen before for sure!

What a fun way to promote a brand!

Being up to date with new and trending promo products is challenging in itself. Luckily, here at SAGE, we’ve got your back. When you’re looking to shake things up, or you’re just curious about new promo fun, check out the Fresh Ideas or any of the other unique filter options like Eco-Friendly, Popular, New, and more in SAGE Total Access.

Who knows? Your next big lightbulb moment for your clients could be one product search away!

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