10 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website


There isn’t a magic spell or riddle that can transform your website traffic overnight.

But, what if I told you some hidden secrets that could drive new clients to your website?

And I’m not talking about Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, it’s not that complicated! It’s actually about digital marketing and utilizing some neat tools to effectively funnel new clients to your site and stay there.

And no, there won’t be a large basilisk to battle at the end of this article!

So let’s get our wands at the ready, and learn about the ten ways to drive traffic to your website!

#1 Content Marketing- What is it?

Content marketing is a powerful tool that can help establish your brand, build credibility with audiences, and drive traffic to your site. The idea is to create content and spread it through the internet organically, becoming one of the first sites people find when they are searching for a solution or product.

Why is it Important?

With content marketing, you can effectively solidify your position as an authority in the field and gain exposure by offering a natural avenue of getting your name out into the public sphere. Inbound links from pages with valuable content will also help improve your rankings on search engines like Google, thereby positively affecting your sales opportunities!

#2 Keeping Your Website Updated!

The goal of SEO is to increase the organic visibility of your website in a search engine. Your site should be easy to navigate and have a strong user experience. You can help accomplish this by updating your site regularly with new content, improving the quality of your writing, and adding keywords that are informative to your audience. And make sure it’s responsive – on average 60% of website traffic is from a mobile device.

If creating fresh content seems like a daunting task, let us do it for you!

#3 Google Business Profile

Having a Google Business profile is a crucial step to bringing your business into focus. This way clients may find your location, hours, phone number, and website in one easy search. But don’t worry, if you work from home or would prefer your customers not to visit your office, you can choose a mile radius around your business or hide your address.

#4 Social Media

Social media is the largest asset to brand awareness. When you think about your favorite brands, you probably get a lot of the inside scoop from their social media pages. It’s your chance to engage with customers and create valuable relationships.

Start by setting up a business account on all the major platforms. Provide images and information in as much detail as possible to explain what it is that you do.

Even if you’re brand new to social, give it a try!

If you can, include reviews or testimonials of work you have done previously, to build trust.

Example Customer Testimonial: “I love Ollivander’s Promo Gear. They had the exact promo wand I needed. Except… mine broke in the Whomping Willow tree.”– Ronald Weasley

#5 Email Marketing

Email marketing – I promise it’s not as complicated as it sounds! A strong and well-rounded email marketing strategy can help build brand awareness, generate leads, increase conversions, drive repeat purchases and build customer loyalty. But one email will not retain a client, it takes multiple communications to develop a good email marketing campaign.

A great way to get started would be to check out our ready-to-send email campaigns that are already populated with themed promo products that link back to your SAGE website. Or if you want to create your own, you could set up a welcome email for your new customers or even send out your monthly specials or promotions.

#6 Website Giveaway

Pop-ups are the most effective way to advertise products, entice a purchase, and collect email addresses for your marketing. If you have a new visitor, why not maximize your visibility, and boost your brand? Pop-ups are simple to create and can be anything from product specials to a subscribe-and-save.

#7 Presentations

Did you know that you can post the sales presentations that you’ve created in SAGE to your SAGE website? You spent the time creating it, why not have your customers view it on your site and provide the opportunity for them to discover additional products on their own? Plus, it’s already pre-qualified traffic to your site!

SAGE presentations are also e-commerce enabled so you can share proposals with your clients, receive feedback, and your customers can purchase items from your presentation directly on your site.

#8 Showrooms

Showrooms are a simple solution to keeping your website full of great ideas. Want to promote seasonal products or discount older inventory? You can even schedule an expiration date so that you don’t have to remember to remove your showrooms at the end of the season.  

Curated collections are also a popular tactic for “add-on” sales. For example, if you have multiple customers in the hospitality or restaurant industry, you can put together a showroom with several items relating to that industry to act as an idea generator.

Showrooms are also a great option for those customers that purchase the same products year after year. You can create a showroom populated with the products they purchase regularly. This not only makes the reorder simple for both you and your customer, but it also brings them to your site to find new products that maybe they’ve never considered in the past.

Beyond curated collections or re-orders, you can try something different like a showroom for appreciation gifts. You can create a showroom on your site with a few products that you’ve selected for your new customers to pick from after you’ve completed their project.

#9 Be an Industry Thought Leader

Many of you have a lot of insight to share about the industry, your experiences, successes, and failures. Take advantage of that and find some outlets to share your story. This could be an industry blog, a podcast, or even a local news outlet. Establishing credibility and thought leadership strengthens your brand and will drive traffic to your site. There are a lot of regional associations and chambers of commerce. See if you can pick up a guest speaker slot at the next meeting!

Don’t be a Tom Riddle, get inspired and share with others about your triumphs!

#10 Send your Customers to Your Website

There are many additional ways that you can drive your traffic, you just have to think beyond a site transaction.

With SAGE Professional or Professional Plus Websites you can:
• Have your customer upload their artwork to your site for their next project.
• Utilize the pay my bill link.
• Enable live chat. These are your hottest leads. If someone chats with you through your site, they need assistance. This is a perfect opportunity for you to capture visitor information and direct them down the path to purchase.
• Check out your analytics. Analytics will provide you with an understanding of behaviors happening on your site. They can also help you develop marketing campaigns.


Having an online presence is becoming more important than ever before, and businesses that don’t stand out are likely to miss out on potential prospects. But, digital marketing doesn’t have to be a battle with an evil wizard! With some additional resources and this amazing article (of course!), you can take your digital marketing efforts to the next level.

With these tips, you can transform your business with SEO content for better branding, improved sales, and increased traffic. If you have any questions about your current SAGE Website or are interested in a demo, reach out to us today!

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Ashley is the Content Marketing Coordinator at SAGE. She has a true passion for writing and blogging. In her free time, you can find her dancing ballet, cooking up one of her favorite recipes, or spending time with her husband Joe and puppy, named Pickles.

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  1. Design and content both play a vital role in creating a website. Your design is the first thing that people notice, especially the logo. Apart from typography, a simple and attractive logo is the need of a website. Thanks for this article.

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