SAGE Product Update: Quarter 1 2022 Development Recap

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Is it really the end of Q1 already? 

I promise I’m not going to start with that every time I write one of these blogs. Still, it’s tough to believe that last month wasn’t Christmas, and tomorrow is going to be 90 degrees here in sunny DFW. But maybe the last three months have absolutely flown by because of how busy we’ve been here at SAGE!

Between The PPAI Expo and SAGE Conference – we haven’t slowed down, and that goes for our development too! We are always looking to make SAGE even better, which means constant updates and tweaks to all of our products and some significant updates and releases! So, let’s look back at everything we did in Q1!

Automatic Tax Calculation

Automatic tax calculations are HERE! Now you don’t have to manually load in tax tables – the tax will be determined automatically, making it easier to set up, always up-to-date, and more accurate! All your customers will have to do is enter their zip code, whether their home or their office. The system will do the rest – calculating down to the local/county level.

If you’d like to set your site up for automatic tax calculation, just simply head to the settings area and toggle the switch. If you need any help transitioning your site or with any questions, feel free to reach out to our web team. If you’d like to keep your manual tax configuration – you can keep it! There is no additional charge for automatic tax calculation.

Search Engine Optimization

We’ve also added a few updates to make Google happy and increase your SEO! The product name is now included in the page title on product detail pages, and the product descriptions are now included in the meta tag descriptions for product detail pages as well. For your blogs, the page title now shows the blog title, and the meta tags on the blog pages also now include the blog description, making your products and blog topics more searchable.

Moving on to MyPromoDashboard, we wanted to make it even easier for you to keep track of your invoice statuses. Next to each invoice on your list shows a paid/unpaid status. Invoices will automatically be marked as paid when payment is made through the portal and will mark the payment step complete – meaning less steps for you.

We’ve also made small update for where your recent invoices are now visible in the account status area for users.

However, the most exciting update for Q1 is that the project management module is now available for SAGE Web! This is a huge, massive addition, making project management available as part of SAGE Total Access on all devices and operating systems!

This means you can now access your project dashboard from anywhere to ensure everything is on time and on track! On a boat in the middle of the ocean? If you’ve got wifi or cell service, you can see where every one of your projects stands! What about on the ski slopes of Switzerland? No worries! You can see if XYZ company has paid their invoice and if ABC company has approved their proof.

We’ve already seen a huge increase in users adopting project management since it first launched in 2020. Distributors have told us that it is an absolute game-changer, and everyone should be using it. (We think so too!) And we hope with the addition to SAGE Web and synchronization across platforms, more people will continue to adopt project management and reap the benefits!

So, that wraps up our development recap for Q1! What was your favorite update this quarter? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I have been using SAGE online since I started in this business back in 2018. But recently I have been noticing that your development team is proactive and not static when it comes to improving your products for distributors. I am proud to be a small part of SAGE. Keep up the good work.

  2. When are you going to implement the ability to enter an invoice number? Right now or we can enter is job number.

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