Top Rain Gear Essentials

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Rain gear is an essential promo product to keep on deck during the spring and summer seasons. It is also accredited to be a promotional item that people will hold on to for years. After all, an umbrella or a rain poncho will definitely come in handy when an unexpected storm hits!

In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of rain gear, what audiences you can target, and how to keep your clients prepared all year long!

What qualifies as rain gear?

Here are a few weather-safe promo product examples:

There are many ways to brand and personalize each product. The rainy season is here, but your customer’s message can still be seen in the clouds when they take advantage of these promotional options. Here are some of our top picks:

Rain Essentials



Umbrellas are one of the most notable promo products at tradeshows and events. Seen as a practical product, umbrellas do not go to waste. Think about when you’re caught in a rainstorm, and how many companies are represented on the umbrellas you see around you. It’s a wonderful brand opportunity for your customers!


Rain Jackets

Raincoats or jackets are a great way your customers can keep their clients out of the rain and cold. And there are multiple areas for branding and logo placement!


Rain Ponchos

Oh, the infamous rain poncho. As seen at most amusements parks, these are a great go-to when weather strikes. The fun never has to stop when you have a handy poncho! These are also great for schools and universities.


Rain Boots and Shoe Protectors

No one likes to walk around in soggy shoes all day. That’s why rain boots and shoe covers are the perfect promos during spring storms.


Phone Protectors

Phone protectors are very multi-purpose and your customers can give these away to a vast audience. They can be used at waterparks, at the beach, amusement parks, and of course, in the rain. Phone protectors are also sought after in many tourist areas, so creating them as a promo product will put your brand front and center.


Pet Raincoat

Now I can’t tell you about rain gear without mentioning puppy raincoats. Besides being adorable, a puppy raincoat shields your furry friend from the elements while taking their adventure outside to the next level. Storms can make roads and sidewalks hazardous, so be sure to help your customers pick a reflective option. These are especially great for pet stores and charity fundraisers!

Who is the target audience for these rain gear essentials?

Here are some of the top audiences using weather-safe promotional items:

1) Marathons/outdoor competitive events- Marathons and competitive events are the first that come to mind when weather strikes! Rain ponchos, umbrellas, and rain jackets would be top priority to have on hand for these gatherings.
2) Outdoor companies/ hunting/ camping- This audience loves to be prepared in any weather.
3) Theme parks- Bring on the rain ponchos and phone protectors! This crowd will stand in line for any attraction, rain or shine!
4) Schools/universities- Every student will have to endure adverse weather at some point to make it to class.
5) Sports teams- Track, baseball, football teams and more may encounter some rain or snow on and off the field. Gear up the players and fans with the essentials!
6) Tourist areas- Phone protectors, rain ponchos, and more are great for those new to any destination.

We often want the rain to go away, but with these great rain gear options for your customer’s next promo campaign, you may want it to stay!

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