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The Winter Olympics is an international event that brings the world together to celebrate the best in winter sports. The 2022 Winter Olympics have now concluded in Beijing and from the opening to closing ceremonies, both were a celebration of the country and its people, as well as a stunning display of Chinese culture and history.

Of course, no Olympic Games are complete without promotional products representing each country’s national pride and spirit!

Today we are highlighting just a few of the Olympic-themed promotional products featured at the games, and how you can use these product ideas as examples to create memorable moments for your customers.

Team USA

What a haul for Team USA! In case you didn’t keep track, Team USA walked away with eight golds, ten silvers, and 7 bronze medals! Not too shabby.

Americans are proud people, and our athletes are no different. They want to show off their country’s colors in style and get the crowd involved in the action. The best way to do this is through promotional products, which can help athletes stand out from the competition and boost national pride.

Promotional apparel, accessories, and flags are some of the more popular promotional items at the Olympics. When you’re going up against some of the world’s best athletes, it’s important to take advantage of every opportunity you can get to stand out.

Promotional Items for Team USA

It was evident that supporters were proud of their country as they donned colorful hats, gloves, and scarves, as well as other patriotic accessories. The Winter Olympics may be over, but our love for all things related to the games is not!

Here are a few of our favorite Olympic-themed products that had us cheering for Team USA.

1. Opening Ceremony Jacket

If you watched the opening ceremonies, you might have noticed something a little unusual going on with the American-designed opening ceremony jackets. On the surface, they looked like any other flag-bearing uniform. But these jackets had a little secret: they were heated!

That’s right—the opening ceremony jackets were also warmer than the usual Olympic wear.

Image Source: Ralph Lauren

2. Nike USA Shoes

When you see the swoosh on these sneakers, you can’t help but feel a burst of pride and patriotism, and that’s a good thing. In order to be successful, a promotional product needs to get people excited, and this one accomplishes that in a pair of tennis shoes.

Image Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

3. W Republic USA Flag Team Beanie

One of the most popular American items at the Winter Olympics was a USA Flag Team beanie. American athletes and fans alike loved wearing this soft, warm hat to keep out the cold while representing their country.

Image Source: Rolling Stone Magazine

4. Team USA T-Shirt

The Team USA T-Shirt is a great example of a piece of clothing that people had an emotional connection to. They loved the t-shirt because they’d been rooting for Team USA, and they wanted to keep that connection going after the games were over.

Now, when people wear it, they remember how much fun they had watching the Olympics and supporting their favorite athletes.

A promo is meant to be memorable; it’s something that people want to use or wear again and again. It’s easy to forget your experience at an event if you don’t have a way to keep its memory alive afterward. But with a promo t-shirt, every time you put it on you’ll be reminded of all the good times you had at that particular event.

Image Source: NY Times

Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon

There were two surprising crowd-favorites among athletes and attendees alike. In order to make the games more memorable, Beijing created Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon as their mascots for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

Image Source: AP Photo/David J. Phillip

These two mascots are named after precious stones found in China. Bing Dwen Dwen is a panda made from a crystal of ice, while Shuey Rhon Rhon is derived from a lava crystal. Both represent China’s commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

Image Source: Walmart

Bing Dwen Dwen and Shuey Rhon Rhon were an instant hit with both attendees and viewers at home when they first appeared on the scene. The mascots sold out within 2 weeks of being released and were a huge success for the company that manufactured them. These two cuddly pandas are a great representation of how much power a promotional product can have in a target market, as they flew off shelves at the 2022 event so fast it was hard to keep track of them all!

Image Source: AP Photo/Lee Jin-man

If you want your item to be as popular as these guys were at the Olympics, we suggest:
-Focusing on quality
-Creating something people will use
-Picking a design that’s both cute AND business-appropriate

Events and Beyond!

The main takeaway from this blog is promotional products can be creative and memorable for years to follow; you may just need to think outside of the box.

Promotional products are everywhere and are vital at events! This doesn’t just apply to the Olympics, but any event or client’s business promotions. By looking into these outstanding Winter Olympic promos, I hope you not only received ideas for inspiration for future promos but expanded your imagination with new ideas to follow!

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