2022 Apparel Trends

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Apparel is an ever-evolving promotional product and your customers want the newest styles to keep up with demand. As apparel promo products change each year, how are you standing out from the competition? Check out the top 10 apparel trends for 2022 below so you can stay on top of what your customers want!

Trend #1: Retro

We are seeing a blast from the past as the latest apparel trend is going back to retro vibes.

The nostalgia of these trends takes us back to our youth when the world seemed a little less chaotic. As a result, we’re seeing a hodgepodge of trends from multiple decades morphing into a new form of eclectic retro style. From old school caps and glasses to all things denim, looks from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s are making a huge comeback.

But how can you incorporate these looks into your promotional product offerings? Here are just a few promotional items that incorporate this style:

Trend #2: Loungewear

Loungewear has also become increasingly popular due to COVID-19. Many work-from-home employees opt for comfortable clothing during the day. In fact, according to Forbes, pajama and loungewear sales have increased 143% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Comfy Joggers
SAGE #50007

Trend #3: Sustainability

Fast Fashion vs. Sustainable Fashion

While “fast fashion” describes clothing that is cheaply made and intended for short-term use, “sustainable” (or “ethical”) fashion is the opposite and is sometimes even referred to as “slow fashion.” Source: Good Housekeeping

Shopping sustainably for your customers is easy with SAGE!

How to find in SAGE Total Access

In the Product Search area, locate the Social Good drop-down menu on the right. Select “environment” to find the latest sustainable promo products!

Trend #4: Unisex Clothing

Quite simply, unisex clothes are garments that are designed without a specific gender in mind. Source: Fashion Beans

Unisex Jersey Tee
SAGE #50316

There are numerous options for unisex promotional apparel from tees or hoodies to socks or jackets. They offer more options for more people and are size-inclusive.

Trend #5: Add in the Basics

A huge trending theme in the apparel industry is adding more basics to your wardrobe. This is also an excellent branding opportunity for uniforms, schools, hospitality, and more.

Classic Polo
SAGE #50316

Consumers want high-quality basics they can mix, match, and layer. This also relates back to our previous trend on sustainability. Having basics in a wardrobe not only stands the test of time but they have less impact on the environment.

Trend #6: Fashionable Hats

Hats have always been an excellent way for your customers to promote their brand but with the resurfacing retro styles, consider bucket hats, trucker caps, and beanies for your customers looking to do something different.

Bucket Hats
SAGE #68786

Trend #7: All About Socks

Whether working from home or in the office, colorful long socks are a new craze on the rise, and they make great gifts or giveaways!

Fun Socks
SAGE #51149

Did you know there are over 225 suppliers that carry socks in SAGE?

Trend #8: Academia Style

Academia style is associated with a sharp, fresh academic look that is sure to impress. This includes a crisp and clean appearance with a combination of casual and sophisticated pieces.

Trench Coat
SAGE #65054

From button-downs with cardigans to turtlenecks and smart coats, multiple layers are the way to go to complete this look.

Trend #9: Monochrome Style

Monochrome styles consist of outfits with all matching colors and lots of places to add your customer’s logo.

Trend #10: Perfect Pastels

Very Peri is this year’s Pantone Color of the Year. This is indicative that pastels are coming back in a big way and can be found in all types of promotional clothing and accessories from bags, hats, and masks, to shirts, pants, and just about any other articles you can find.

Very Popular Very Peri
SAGE #67759

Be sure to download our 2022 Apparel Trends Report for more information and to keep it on hand so you can find the latest products to suit your customer’s needs. You can also check out our other SAGE Blogs like How Trends are Forecasted, The Top 3 Color Trends for 2022, and Fitness Trends of 2022 for more binge-worthy content!

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