Fitness Trends of 2022

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At the beginning of every year comes new fitness resolutions and that means new trends! In the fitness industry, there are so many different workouts to try, from Pilates to HITT, there’s something for everyone.

In the promotional products industry, fitness products used to only appeal to a niche audience. Due to the pandemic, the fitness audience we once knew has expanded and individuals are now looking for fitness equipment to use at home as well as bring to the gym.

The amount of equipment needed varies, depending on your choice of exercise; yoga requires three to four items, while weightlifting could require more, which means lots of promotional opportunities for your customers!

As at-home workouts have increased in popularity, the need for sports equipment and fitness accessories is also increasing in demand. We’ve cultivated a list of a few trending fitness items for 2022, so you can jump right in without breaking a sweat!

Wireless Earbuds

If you haven’t noticed by now, wireless earbuds are the latest and greatest when it comes to jamming out to your favorite tunes. They are easy to use and make an excellent giveaway at grand openings, events, and for customer givebacks or onboarding gifts. They’re perfect for getting your work done, and getting your workout in!

Yoga Equipment

Yoga is a great way to relax and unwind while breaking a sweat. Yoga mats are an on-trend promo product designed for any fitness level and your customers can put their logo anywhere, big or small – a perfect branding opportunity! Yoga mats can be amazing promotional items for anyone from gyms, hospitals, and student activity centers to insurance companies or those encouraging at-home health initiatives.

Plus, there are other yoga accessories that are universal to any workout. A yoga block is handy for perfecting posture and stretching out the body and would be a great gift alone or combined with other items like a mat or water bottle. All yoga equipment can be used for beginners to professionals, so there is a large audience for these promo products!

Resistance Bands and Weights

Resistance bands are now back in high demand. They come in different levels of resistance and can be used universally from strengthening legs, arms, abs, and even your back. Resistance bands are an ideal giveaway for clinics, hospitals, physical therapy centers, and more.

Weights are also a trending promotional item! They are universal in the fitness industry and can be used in many different workouts so they can appeal to gym-goers, yogis, Pilates studios, and even work-from-home employees! The branding opportunities are endless. It’s a product that you know your customers or employees will keep for years to come.

Cooling Down

The best way to start the cool-down process is to rehydrate. Reusable water bottles are always a favorite option but with so many choices, it’s important to know what’s popular and the HydroFlask isn’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Whether you are a newbie in the fitness promo industry or a wellness promo warrior, staying up on the latest trends is the best way to provide the latest and best for your client base. If you want to know more about how you can keep up with the industry’s hottest products, check out our blog on How Trends are Forecasted or subscribe to see the Most Popular Products in SAGE Total Access each month!

Ready, set, go with these trendy fitness products for 2022!

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