Top 3 Color Trends for 2022

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Your promotional products color palette plays a significant role in the client decision-making process. Your audience may go with a competitor’s product just for the mere fact they have a more versatile range of colors.

Another reason color is essential in buying decisions is the psychology of color theory, but that is a topic for a different blog.

One of the biggest reasons colors influence consumer behavior is that clients want to stay on-trend. Colors have “seasons,” and shades of colors can trend at different times during the year.

You can often forecast what colors will be trending for the following year.
Color trends often come from one source—Pantone colors. If you want an inside look at the new color trends for 2022, it may be just as easy as looking into a digital catalog or swatches, or you could just read below!

And with that being said, here are the top three color trends for 2022.

Very Peri

Very Peri
Image source: Pantone
very peri sharpie

Up first, we have Very Peri.

Very Peri is the Pantone Color of the Year. This light lavender is the perfect calming color. We see a trend in fashion for button-ups, skirts, and monochrome styles using this fun, light lilac purple. Use this color in your promotional products by adding in tumblers, sharpies, and more!



Image source: Pantone
Canary Yellow

Next, we have Daffodil, another Pantone trending color. Yellow is the perfect way to bright up anyone’s day. You can even offset this color and use canary for a lighter version of Daffodil. Both yellows work perfectly for any product. This color is ideal for sticky notes, planners, and shirts!

Glacier Lake

Glacier Lake

Image source: Pantone

And lastly, we have Glacier Lake from Pantone. Glacier Lake is a soft, light blue, similar to sky blue. This color is a versatile option for any promo product and would be an excellent choice for polos, fitness equipment, or drinkware!

Offering a distinct and diverse color palette allows your clients to have more options. As a color diminishes in demand, be sure to remove it from your palette and try a new trending color.

What are your favorite trending colors for 2022? Add a few to your color palette and expand your color knowledge power!

Source: Pantone The Spring/Summer 2022 NYFW Color Palette

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