SAGE Product Update: Quarter 4 Development Recap


We here at SAGE are always up to something behind the scenes, striving to make the very best products for the promotional products industry. Whether the update is small or a large release, we’re always excited to share with you what we’ve done to enhance our products to make your workday easier.

So, here is a recap of everything we did last quarter to bring efficiency to your day!

Starting with SAGE Websites, we added support for native French navigation captions for default navigational elements. What does that mean? It means that you now have the option to manually translate the top, main, and secondary navigational sections instead of it being machine-translated.

La traduction de vos pages web en français est tellement meilleure!

We also updated the cart archive search to include searches for cart item numbers as well. You can search by either SPC or a supplier’s item number, and carts with the specified code or number will display. 

Smaller updates include support for .webp art uploads and a full-width page option for showroom pages (version 8 only).

Oh man, did we have some really cool updates for SAGE Mobile! From replying to chats on your Apple or Android watch to a Canadian-friendly search option, you can read all about them on our blog here. 

We added so many sweet new features for SAGE Web last quarter! From presentations to order management – there was something for everyone.

We made presentations even easier to adjust quantities and pricing of your items when you’re making your presentation. You can adjust the item’s price and quantity or add a default price and quantity adjustment for your presentation. The pricing tab now shows a reminder of the currency being used – so you don’t accidentally set something to Canadian dollars or visa versa. You now have the option for a reverse pricing grid, as well as a clear selling prices button. And last but not least, you now have the option to keep the item’s information all on the same page.

Add product quantities to your presentations like a pro.

We made it even easier to find the perfect product for your client when it comes to product research. We added two new filters: Canadian friendly and Decoration available. We also made ratings much more intuitive by adding the average product rating to the product detail page and the supplier detail page. The average product rating will also display in the rating detail pop-up box. Just like in SAGE Online, the default sort for rated comments is now by most helpful – however, you can change it to most recent as well. And now you can read comments for both the supplier and product ratings in one place.

Searching just got so much easier!

Smaller updates include the discount row for item pricing now shows the same decimals as the selling price, and the profit row for item pricing now shows the same decimals as the selling price for presentations. Additionally, in order management, the sales tax is calculated using the subtotal, leaving the shipping and handling separate to match QB/QBO. You can also full-text search for your client contacts.

Adding in sales tax? No problem!

In SAGE Online, you can now see supplier responses to ratings even if the distributor didn’t leave a comment. For order management, quantity “one” no longer shows for additional charge (ADDCHG) items.

How you respond to a review is now even more important…

Do you have a really funny video of your dog snoring on your phone and want to send it to your coworkers? No problem! You can now use SAGE Mobile to send video files in SAGE Chat! If you’re like me and have three friends all with the name Katie, you can now see which Katie sent you a message in SAGE Mobile with the addition of the author’s last initial included with their first name for pop-up alerts.

No more Katie confusion!

And last but certainly not least, we added a sort order reverse option to the transaction history page. 

Phew, that’s quite the list! Ok, now tell us which product update was your favorite last quarter? Let us know in the comments below! Want a more in-depth look at all of our product updates? You can read up on them here.

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