Why You May Need to Switch to Live Chat

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If you’re anything like me when you’re online shopping, you may come across an item you have questions about such as:

“Does this come in the quantity I need?”

“Can I overnight this?” (because I may have waited too long to make a decision and now I need it by tomorrow…)

Like me, your customers have burning questions that can’t wait 1-2 business days for a response! So, how can you better assist them when they have questions about your products?

The Customer Journey

A customer’s journey is not always a straight line from point A to point B. Like all eCommerce sites, clients have questions that determine their decision-making. It turns out that 77% of users want to chat with a company before solidifying their purchase (VMO) . The traditional communication path would lead clients to pick up the phone or type an email to contact support. Depending on how many support staff you have on-call, wait times can fluctuate for an answered call or an email response, potentially stalling or even losing the conversion.

The customer journey should be quick and easy, from research to purchase. 60% of customers hate waiting for more than a minute for assistance (VWO). If only there were a way to receive real-time answers to help you finalize your purchase selection.

Behold, the world of live chat.

What is Live Chat?

Live chat is a beautiful, simple technology where your clients can contact you in real-time with questions about your products. Many find live chat easy to receive instant support when they need it most and it’s available on many eCommerce platforms. Typically, a live chat box will appear at the bottom of your screen with a phrase like, “How can we help?” This allows users to interact with the company to gain better insight into products. I like to compare it to a salesperson assisting you when you are shopping at a department store.

So, what are the actual benefits of having live chat on your website?

  • Fast Response Times: Live chat is the quickest way to resolve sales questions and reduce client wait times.
  • Increased Accessibility: Users can compare prices online and chat when they are ready to finalize their decision, also increasing the likelihood of conversion.
  • Lessen Anxiety: Reduce the phone call jitters when clients have a question. It also enables clients to get on and off the chat as needed.
  • Ease of communication: Answer multiple questions simultaneously and close more sales with a simple response and send!


You may be wondering, how can I add live chat to my SAGE website?

SAGE Chat offers the opportunity for you to connect instantly with visitors on your SAGE website. You can also set up common phrases for a speedier response with the customizable quick reply buttons.

See how to download and use SAGE Chat

With online shopping becoming the norm, keeping up with your client’s contact preference is essential. If you are considering adding a live chat to your website, do it! With SAGE Chat, we make it easy to stay in communication with your customers.

Elevate your eCommerce game by adding live chat to your website, your clients will thank you! You can learn more about SAGE Chat here.

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