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Say you were going to come up to me on the street today and ask me my biggest takeaway of the last six months I’ve spent in the promotional products industry; first, I would ask, “why are you following me?” Then I would tell you that I’ve noticed that even though the industry is massive, and it’s not going anywhere, it still feels so family-oriented. Many companies on both the supplier and distributor sides have started and continue to thrive as family businesses.

And Terry Town is doing just that.

Terry Town is a family business through and through, and their Content Manager, Alp Ereren, is the second generation to work at Terry Town. Alp has been with the company full time for four years, but he started helping out since he was a kid. Alp’s father started the business in 1988 with his brother-in-law and a close family friend selling Turkish bathrobes at flea markets and swap meets. They were a hit – especially in the promotional products industry, and they have grown to be the Terry Town we see today. Their product line has grown to include towels, blankets, and more.
Terry Town has a pretty admirable goal looking towards the future: giving back as much as possible.

Anything you can do to better the environment or your community, no matter how small, will impact the world for the better – and Terry Town is making strides to do so. Alp tells me that because they actively use natural resources to produce their products, it’s important to give back to their community and the environment as much as possible.

For Terry Town, like many of us, COVID-19 has put a wrench in their plans, including stalling many of their community outreach opportunities. Before COVID, Alp and his team would regularly clean up trash from their local beaches; not only was it a great for teambuilding, but it was a chance to ensure the beaches would continue to be enjoyed by everyone. He tells me that once they are back in the office, their group beach cleanup efforts will be back in full-force too.

The Terry Town team cleaning up a local beach pre-COVID-19.

Alp was also incredibly excited to tell me about an upcoming project: Kindly. Initially set to be launched before COVID-19 (again, that pesky wrench!), Terry Town partnered with a local organization called Fred Finch, a youth and family services support program. This organization helps children and families alike get the best possible resources they need for mental health services, education, housing needs, and more. For the upcoming 4th quarter, Terry Town is releasing an exclusive Kindly blanket. This blanket, which will be up for sale on their website soon, will have a percentage of the proceeds donated to Fred Finch – and I seriously cannot wait to see what those blankets look like.

Not only is Terry Town trying to make a positive impact in their own back yard, but they are also making sure their products are ethically and environmentally responsible as well. They have an eco-friendly line, which has a portion of the materials made from recycled bottles and recycled cotton. They were also in the process of pulling their cotton out of China to integrate USA-grown cotton last year when they had to expedite their plan upon discovering forced labor was used to harvest and produce cotton goods in many regions. Terry Town’s products are now woven using only USA-grown exported cotton.

Alp and the Terry Town family believe that it’s essential that we use our voices to speak up and make changes happen. Without those loud voices, the issue of forced labor in China would not have received the coverage that it did and we would not have had the awareness we have today. Alp believes as a business, it’s important to use their community standing to not only gain their client’s trust but to also embody the well-known phrase and be the change in the world that they want to see.

To learn more about Terry Town and their efforts to make the world a better place one day at a time, check out their website here. And don’t forget to keep checking back and snag one of those Kindly blankets for yourself.

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