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We are happy to share our recent update to SAGE Mobile, our app for iOS and Android devices included in your SAGE Total Access subscription! In this update, we focused heavily on strengthening security, and we continued to work hard to add your favorite features from SAGE Online and SAGE Web into SAGE Mobile.

Update #1 – Security

Two-factor authentication, also commonly referred to as 2FA, has been added to SAGE Mobile. 2FA is an extra layer of security used to ensure that people trying to gain access to an online account are authorized to do so.

This security feature is optional but highly encouraged. Once your username and password are entered, you will be prompted to enter a code that can be delivered either by email or text message. Enter the code to gain access to your SAGE Mobile account!

Update #2 – Product Research

We have four new features added to the Product Research area. The most notable is live research assistance now being available using SAGE Chat. Having a tough time finding that particular product your client is looking for? Put the SAGE Research Assistants to work for you! Connect with them instantly for help finding the perfect product.

Decoration Available search filter option was recently added to SAGE Online 17 and is now available in SAGE Mobile. This new filter option excludes products that the supplier cannot decorate.

Sharing products on your social media is a great way to highlight what new products are available! Previously, you have been able to share to your Facebook or Twitter accounts. Now, you can also share these product images on Instagram, straight from SAGE Mobile!

If you are anything like me, math is not your strongest skill set. In SAGE Mobile, under the product detail price grid, we have added a row that will show you your profit for each quantity of the product.

Update #3 – Project Management

When viewing your project details in the Project Management area, you will see a Searches tab at the top. There, you can store previous searches that you have done for customers for quick access. Now, in SAGE Mobile, when you click on that tab, it will open up that exact search in the Product Search area so you can pick up where you left off.

With the Client Mode option in SAGE Mobile, you can use SAGE Mobile during your in-person sales calls to show all the product options available to your clients. New in this version of SAGE Mobile, you have the option to disable the Projects area when you are in client mode.

Update #4 – Order Management

We are all about saving you steps! Now you can create an order form directly from a presentation.

In the Order Management area of SAGE Mobile, we have added support to add or edit custom suppliers that are not available in the SAGE database.

If you are using SAGE Payment Processing, we have added a handy button to charge credit cards directly from the order form.

Update #5 – CRM

When editing a task in the Clients module, the field now expands to fill the bottom of the page so you can see more of the note at one time. The same also applies to the Completed task notes field.

Update #6 – Discussion Groups

In the Discussion Group area of SAGE Mobile, you will now be able to add and open a product search in a discussion thread.

Update #7 – SAGE Chat

In SAGE Chat for SAGE Online, you can send and open product searches to colleagues. Now, you can open those product searches from SAGE Chat in SAGE Mobile.

Update #8 – Presentation Publisher

Duplicate charge detection is now available. For example, if you already charged a customer $10 and you try to charge them the same amount with the same credit card again, a message will alert you of the “duplicate charge” to confirm if the second charge was intentional or not.

These features are NOW AVAILABLE and are at no additional cost. If you have a SAGE Total Access subscription, make sure your app is updated in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store to access all these new features. For more information on SAGE Mobile, visit our website.

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