Love It, Hate It, or Debate It: Either Way, Rate It!


These days, you can rate just about anything online. Between Yelp, Google, Amazon, Facebook, and so many more, there’s a place to rate and review every place you go and everything you purchase, and the promo products industry is no exception!

With the SAGE supplier rating system, distributors can rate and review industry suppliers from poor to great overall and in three optional categories: customer service, problem resolution, and delivery. However, before we explain how the rating system works, let’s talk about why ratings and reviews are so important!

If you’re anything like the average internet user, you’ve probably left at least one review in your time. But did you know that people are statistically more likely to leave reviews after poor experiences than they are after a great experience? Unfortunately, this can skew ratings and make companies and service providers look bad or worse than they actually are. Leaving reviews, whether your experience with a company was good or bad, lets other users get more impartial, even feedback to help them make informed decisions.

Ratings and reviews are also super important to the companies you’re reviewing! Good rating information helps companies figure out what they’re doing well and where they can improve their products and services. Accurate reviews also let businesses better understand who their customers are and what they want to serve them better.

So, all that said, how does the SAGE supplier rating system work?

Distributors can leave ratings for suppliers using SAGE Online, SAGE Mobile, or SAGE Web, or via the “Rate Us Now” link that suppliers can provide to their customers. You can rate the supplier overall from A+ to F and from poor to great in the following optional categories: customer service, problem resolution, and delivery. For any area that does not apply to your experience with that supplier, you can choose N/A to skip the category.

A glimpse at what the SAGE rating system looks like in SAGE Online.

When distributors rate suppliers, the ratings are instantly averaged with all the other ratings from SAGE distributors who’ve also rated that supplier. Then, the average overall rating is displayed in SAGE Online, SAGE Web, and SAGE Mobile for everyone to see, along with the total number of ratings, comments, and detailed stats on the supplier’s rating history. Optional categories do not affect the overall rating given by the distributor.

If a supplier has hundreds of ratings, your particular review might not make a massive dent in their overall score. However, ratings are instantly added and tallied, so rest assured that your rating is posted and a part of the displayed average rating!

Some other things to note about SAGE supplier ratings:

  • Ratings are tallied as a part of the aggregate supplier rating for two years, and reviews older than two years are still visible to read, though they are not included in the average rating.
  • The reporting system is updated in real-time, and you can change or update your review at any time. Changes are instantly reflected in the supplier’s average!
  • Participating in the SAGE rating system is voluntary, and some suppliers may choose to opt out.
  • Distributors are encouraged to rate all suppliers they have worked with in the past – more reviews mean we can provide more accurate rating information for your favorite suppliers!

Lastly, keep in mind that ratings are subjective and reflect the views of distributors in the industry. SAGE does not add ratings and has no influence on the rating system, and ratings aren’t adjusted or changed based on whether suppliers advertise with us or otherwise pay for SAGE services. Because we strive to have the most accurate and helpful ratings and reviews possible, this is very important. Additionally, SAGE does not remove ratings that distributors have legitimately posted in good faith.

Ratings and reviews are a valuable tool for suppliers to identify pain points in their business and work to improve their products and services, but they’re also an excellent way for them to find out what they’re doing well! Leaving a rating when you have a stellar experience is just as important as leaving one when you have a poor experience. The more ratings you leave, the more you help your fellow distributors make informed business choices!

You can learn more about strengthening your relationships with suppliers on the #SAGEBlog here, or if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a bad review, check out our blog on how to handle negative ratings here.

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