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Hello! We regularly get requests from customers like you who are excited to learn more about all the product additions and new features added to your SAGE products. We are excited to share our recent updates to our collection of websites, including SAGE Website Standard, SAGE Website Professional, and SAGE Website Professional Plus.

We focused on style and layout for this new update to stay on top of current website design trends. We also transitioned from a website-theme concept to a modular concept. Instead of picking one website design theme, all the areas and designs are available for any website; you just turn what you want on or off. This will give you so much more flexibility in the creation of your website.

Update #1 – Video Backgrounds

You can now add a video background to your homepage. We have several stock videos to choose from or add your own video.

Update #2 – Product Drill Down Filter

One of our most requested features is here! When your customers do a product search on your website, they will now have the ability to drill down the results using filters such as pricing, colors, and product features. Yay!

Update #3 – Featured Collections

This new feature gives you more freedom of flexibility! You now have up to four sections to place on your homepage anywhere you want. You can set images, title, color background, and destination link such as a search or custom page. From featuring a product collection to what services you offer, the choice is all yours.

Grid Layout

Column Layout

Lifestyle Layout

Update #4 – Featured Products

Previously the featured products were only viewable as a carousel. Enter the Tile View. You now have the option of either a carousel or tile view to showcase products on your homepage.

Update #5 – New Headers and Footers

The days of having to pick a matching header and footer are over. With our new header and footer options, you can now mix and match instead of having to choose one theme.

Update #6 – Mega Menu Option

Categorize your product navigation even further with the new mega menu option.

Update #7 – Product Detail Page

You will see several design updates to the product detail page, including tabs under the product title and an updated, more modern look to the fields. 

Update #8 – New Administration Feature

The SAGE Virtual Design Studio is now in the administration area to make it super easy to add a product logo.

These features are NOW AVAILABLE and are at no additional cost. Click here to schedule a demo of our website options.  

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Bille is the VP of Marketing at SAGE. She is a lover of all things marketing, technology, creative people, and being inspired through hard work, travel, coffee, and most importantly, dogs.


  1. Cost. What is the cost?

    • Hi Jon, there is no cost to upgrade if you are a current customer with a SAGE Website. If you are interested in switching to a SAGE Website you can find our options and pricing here How this helps!

  2. Hi,

    Would I be able to use my own domain that I have registered already?

  3. I have an older style store. How would I upgrade to the new stuff if I wanted? Thanks!

    • We have forwarded your request and will have someone get back with you as soon as possible. We will be able to help you upgrade your company store. Thank you and have a great evening!

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