How to Get the Most Out of Your Content


Keeping up with what’s hot in the ever-changing marketing world can be challenging, but the importance of creating good content to share with your prospects and customers isn’t going anywhere. Good content works to build trust with your brand and position you as an industry expert, engaging your visitors and helping you convert views into sales.

Here are four easy ways to leverage your content and put it to work for you:

Use Long-Form Content

When prospects and clients visit your website, they are often looking for a solution or more knowledge on a topic relating to promotional products or marketing expertise. To create good content, identify what types of questions your visitors want answered and make content that answers them thoroughly and provides in-depth assistance. This accomplishes two things: it keeps visitors on your site for longer, giving you increased brand exposure, and it positions your company as a leading expert on the topics that matter to your customers, which increases trust with your brand.

Send It to Prospects

If you’re not sending your content to prospects, you’re missing out. When you’re talking with someone interested in your company, sending them links to your already published content demonstrates your company’s credibility casually, especially if the content you’re sending addresses a question of theirs.

Share content with your customers that you think they’ll find interesting or that covers a topic you know they have concerns about. Not only will it help your company seem more knowledgeable, but you’ll appear more in tune with your clients’ needs.

Repurpose Your Best Content

Different people digest content differently. Someone who responds well to a blog might not engage as much with a video or an infographic. Likewise, someone who prefers short-form videos may not bother with reading a long blog. By repurposing your content and using it across various mediums and platforms, you give your information more reach and a better chance at getting seen by prospects and customers alike.

Get Social

You already know that the people following you on social media are interested in what you have to say – why else would they be following you? Be sure to share your content on social media to reach as many of your clients as possible.

In fact, you should be sharing your content on social media multiple times. People often overestimate how many of their followers have actually seen their posts. When fighting against ever-changing algorithms, the more you share content, the more likely people are to see it. Think about it this way: that post you made a month ago was never seen by prospects who didn’t even know about your company a month ago. Share it again to reach new audiences and stay top of mind with your current audience.

Creating content doesn’t have to be complicated. If you need an easy way to build trust with your brand and establish credibility as a knowledgeable industry leader, SAGE Website Professional Plus includes content created by us to keep your site fresh and relevant. The content package is updated regularly and includes industry-relevant blogs, videos, homepage banners, and more. You can even easily share content from your website to your social pages!

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