How to Write Action-Driven Copy



Where email once was the new, high-speed method of reaching customers, it increasingly takes a backseat to here today, gone tomorrow social media posts. Emails continue to be a battleground for ever-shrinking attention spans, but they remain an effective medium for engaging with customers.

If you want your marketing emails to jump off the screen and into your clients’ hearts and minds, take these tips on writing action-driven email marketing copy for a spin.


What, exactly, is action-driven copy? For the purposes of email marketing, it’s copy that uses powerful, precise language to compel the reader to act in your favor. In other words, you need to tell the reader HOW to respond in clear terms.

Not sure which verbs are more likely to result in action from your reader? Some are more dynamic than others. Consider replacing these common verbs and phrases with action-packed alternatives.

Instead of:





Look at

Ask for


Call, email, text

Choose, pick

Get, snag, score

Grab, snatch

Discover, see, view


Action-driven copy also relies on a strong sense of urgency—you must tell your readers WHEN to act. Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is a strong lure for many. Appeal to a reader’s sense of FOMO with phrases like the following:

Time’s almost up!

Only 100 readers will get this great deal!

Offer ends in one week!

Call now for our best pricing!


Action-oriented copy isn’t just for the body of your marketing email. Take advantage of the real estate above it—the subject line. The subject line is the perfect place to tease your call to action.

Getting the reader to act on a sense of urgency (there’s that FOMO again) begins here, so you want to craft a subject line that speaks to the value of your proposition AND clearly states the necessity of acting quickly.

A clever and catchy subject line might look like the following:

Who doesn’t love a sale? Discover our best deals today!

Only 24 hours left to enjoy our lowest pricing of the year!

Eager for fresh ideas? Get inspired AND save 20 percent this week!

Looking for loyalty rewards? Sign up today for free shipping all month!

The bottom line: If you’re eager to improve your email responses, attract new customers and retain current ones, action-driven copy is the only way to ensure success. Start pumping up your marketing emails with these tips today! (See what we did there?)

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