Supplier Spotlight: A Season for Celebration


As the end of what can most kindly be described as a chaotic year races toward us, Brighter Promotions has a message of hope and optimism for a bright new future. 

The holiday season is typically comprised of one festive gathering after another. It is a time when families come together from faraway places, and companies celebrate their employees, holiday travel is abundant, and magical season-specific events fill our calendars. 

This year will undoubtedly be different for most of the world, but Brighter is on a mission to spread cheer far and wide and help their customers send the message that even though we are not able to partake in our usual end-of-year activities, the holiday spirit is still alive and well.

“If one thing is for sure, 2020 has taught all of us not to take the little things for granted,” says Greg French, Vice President of Brighter Promotions. “We know this year has been filled with hardship and loss for so many, and we want to do our part to bring joy back into people’s lives this holiday season.”

A Novel History

Brighter Promotions, a supplier located about 30-minutes north of Chicago, was built on this tenet, bringing novelty and joy to the masses.

Years before Brighter opened its doors, glow sticks were used by the U.S. Navy and other military branches in the 1970s. They were utilized for emergency lights and parachute markers, or to identify landing zones and were not commercialized for personal use.

Jeff Schrimmer, second-generation president at Brighter Promotions, recounts a story from around this same time when his father got a hold of a military light stick from his brother. Out of curiosity, like many of us likely did as children, decided to cut it open. He poured the glowing liquid into a plastic tube he pilfered from his aquarium supplies, and as simple as that, the very first glow necklace was created!

Jeff’s father continued to tinker with different iterations of the glow sticks in his basement. “I remember when he was working on creating the first glow earrings with a drill press on mini-sticks,” Jeff recalled. “And, of course, the teletype machine in the closet that would click away in the night.”

Fast forward a few years later, a whole lot more products, and just like that, novelty glow and Brighter Promotions was born!

This Year is No Exception

While Brighter may be known for their innovation in glow, they have a broad array of other non-novelty products that have been their biggest sellers this year. “We are very fortunate to be diversified in our product lines and that we have items that are still in demand,” said Greg, “Even during lean times, many corporations still know the importance of keeping their brand in front of consumers.” Like many other suppliers, Brighter was also able to pivot to meet the immediate need for PPE with their face shields and protective masks.

These two factors have allowed them to stay operational during a troubling year, but according to Greg, they owe it all to their incredible team. “They are so dedicated and focused on being even more customer service friendly and turning jobs out even faster than our typical 24 – 72 hour average.”

Greg stressed how wonderful it is to work with such an amazing group of people. In fact, they are the inspiration for his determination to keep the spirit of the holidays alive. While we can all agree this year is certainly not what anyone had in mind for celebrating this season, Brighter Promotions wants their employees and customers to feel a small sense of normalcy and optimism for what the future holds.  

They are continuing to promote their holiday-themed light up products with the hope that people will still (safely) celebrate everything they have to be grateful for, and that their novelty items will inspire joy, reminiscent of the childhood wonderment stored within our deepest memories. 

The Future of Glow

From inventing glow necklaces more than 40 years ago to now offering thousands of products, Brighter Promotions is the go-to source for everything celebration. They are optimistic for a strong comeback in 2021 as well as a return to trade shows, events, and quite frankly… just the opportunity to meet a few friends for a night out on the town.

Greg’s final remarks reflect an overwhelming positivity that shows just how much they believe in their company, the promotional products industry, and the hope for a fresh new year right around the corner. “We are so grateful to our employees; they make our company what it is. We know it’s been a tough year for everyone, but we want our customers to know we’re still here to make their orders happen and provide the exceptional customer service they have come to expect. Once our industry comes back full-force, and it will, BP will be there to light the way!”

With the holidays quickly approaching, check out the festive products that will spread cheer and inspire your customers.

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