Launching a Product? 4 Tips on How to Use Instagram for the Big Reveal

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So, you’re launching a product soon…. Well, congratulations!

Introducing a new product to our world can be an exciting endeavor. It means your company is expanding and offering new ideas to profit from.

Using Instagram for this launch can be one of the most beneficial means to engage your audience and get people pumped for the big day. From using intentional hashtags to styling your products for your Instagram grid, there are several ways to make your announcement with a bang!

Here are 4 tips on how you can use Instagram to launch your shiny, new product:

Set a Clear, Reachable Goal

Planning everything out for your product launch can seem daunting at first. It’s important to have a clear, purposeful direction before you even begin posting.

Here are some questions to consider: When is the kickoff date? Who are you trying to target? How can I create engaging posts?

First things first, setting an attainable goal will not only help you stay on track with daily posts leading up to the launch of your product, but it also will help you define a roadmap for a successful social media campaign.  

Whether you’re trying to generate sales through Instagram or focused on driving traffic to your brand, ponder what your end-goal is and how you can utilize the power of social media to achieve this.

Create Hype Before the Launch

Creating excitement around a new product will grab the attention of viewers and have them yearning for more details. According to, it’s beneficial to set a schedule two months out before the big reveal, so you have enough time to plan out photoshoots and the required graphics.

Trying to think of pre-launch Instagram posts? One way to create hype before a product launch is including a countdown to deliberately pique people’s interest in what’s coming soon.

For this idea, create graphics that only offer discrete information:

“12 more days!”

“Coming soon!”

“24 more hours until launch day!”

Courtesy of Instagram

You can even create a simple, yet captivating Instagram Story that incorporates the countdown sticker, a timer that reminds your audience when your new product is available for purchase!

Courtesy of Later

There are a number of ways to create hype around your launch, but remember to plan ahead so you feel confident in the material you’re posting to your Instagram grid.

Time to Get Creative!

Releasing a new item is no easy feat, and your creative direction is what can make or break your success. There are many components to consider such as a color palette, fonts, styling, and beyond. But, have no fear – this process is meant to be fun and unleash your imagination.

Instagram is such a visual platform, which is why it’s essential to work with a graphic designer or photographer on creative elements that you can add to your launch campaign. But first, it’s a good idea to build a mood board with textures, colors, and other imagery that reflects the look you are leaning towards. For example:

Courtesy of Amari Creative

When styling your product, flat lay shots (aka a photograph taken from directly above) is a simple way to layout your product with other elements that set the tone of the image.

Courtesy of Instagram

For example, if your launch is around the holidays, you can incorporate pine foliage or ribbon into your image to give it some seasonal cheer.

Courtesy of Instagram

Engage With Followers

Finally, engage… engage… ENGAGE! How will you know what your customers like if you don’t ask questions?

Let’s say your beauty brand is launching a new lipstick, use the Instagram Story’s question sticker and ask your followers what lipstick shade they hope to see soon? Or right before launch day, you can ask your customers what they are looking forward to the most?

By asking questions before the launch, you’ll gain insight into how you can improve the product before the big reveal. By asking questions after the launch, you’ll show that you care about followers’ reactions and their honest opinions.

Instagram is an advantageous platform to use when releasing a new product. You can draw interest with the graphics you post and design a campaign that is engaging and exciting, stopping those Instagram scrollers in their tracks.

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