Promotional Products People Want… But Won’t Buy Themselves


Everyone has stuff lying around the house that they use regularly without even realizing it. Honestly, when was the last time you bought a jar opener? That’s what we thought! There are tons of promotional products that make life easier, but not all of them are things that most people would seek out and purchase on their own.

Here are a few favorite products that most folks use and enjoy, but probably wouldn’t go buy themselves:

Reusable Bags

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Sure, you can buy these in the checkout line at the grocery store, but that doesn’t mean that people really want to buy them – especially with the grocery store’s markup! However, having a couple reusable bags on hand is practically a necessity nowadays.

Phone Wallets and Grips

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Off the top of your head, how many people do you know that have a silicone phone wallet stuck to the back of their phone? We can think of several. But how many of them do you think went to the store, picked out a phone wallet, and purchased it with their own money? Phone wallets and grips are incredibly useful little promo products, but most people won’t go out of their way to buy one themselves, which makes these a powerful giveaway.

Flash Drives

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Flash drives are many things: useful, powerful, smart, but unfortunately, they are not especially exciting things to buy. Flash drive shopping probably doesn’t rank as anyone’s favorite activity, but USB drives are a handy promo product that all sorts of people have a daily use for.


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Nobody likes when their coffee goes cold in the cup, but not everyone is motivated to go out and obtain a reusable, insulated tumbler or mug for their beverage. Because they’re great for drinks of both the hot and cold variety, insulated tumblers are the type of promotional product that sticks around the house for a long time after being received. They’re useful, desirable, and something many people wouldn’t hop over to the nearest housewares store to buy on a whim.

Chip Clips

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Ah, the humble chip clip. Frequent resident of kitchen drawers everywhere, this nifty little clip has numerous applications around the home or office. From keeping chips fresh and tasty to clipping important papers together in a pinch, chip clips are one of many products that everyone needs to have!


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How many differently branded pens do you think you have lying around at home or in the office? Probably quite a few – and we have tons, so no judgement! There’s a good reason for that, though. Pens are super useful in everyone’s daily life, and no one wants to make an extra trip to the store just to stock up on writing instruments. For such a small, cost-friendly product, pens offer a big punch when it comes to products people will always need.

Choosing products that people are likely to not only want, but use regularly and hang on to for a long time is a great way to help your clients ensure that their brand stays front of mind for their customers.

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