Supplier Spotlight: Avoid Germs With the Revolutionary Palmsox


Imagine this: You walk into a bank, with face mask on, to deposit a check. The line is forever long, so you are forced to touch the germy ATM machine. Or how about teaching at an elementary school, and you have to touch multiple door handles before entering your classroom. Enter Palmsox by Strideline, the revolutionary sleeve you wear on your wrist and pull over your hand to avoid surfaces contaminated by Coronavirus.

The first of its kind, Palmsox goes above and beyond to protect anyone wearing it. With an easy-to-clean silicone barrier covering the palm, the micro-polyester blend sleeve is simple to slip on and off, limiting cross-contamination. Want more good news? This product is now available!

“Really everyone and anyone will need this,” said Kaydee Walter, marketing specialist at Strideline. “We are super excited about how versatile this product is. It’s perfect for anyone returning to the office, going to an event, and beyond.”

Palmsox is made with the same attention to detail as Strideline’s sock collections. From using the highest quality of fabric and front to back sublimation, Palmsox are completely customizable and comfortable for all-day wear!

The Science Behind It

It’s been said for years: Wash your hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds to get rid of germs. But what if you’re out running errands and need a safe solution right away?

Coronavirus can last up to three days on plastic and metal surfaces. Something to think about when you make a trip to the grocery store or gas station.

Luckily, Palmsox offers the same benefits of medical-grade latex gloves, according to Epidemiologist Mark Hinsley. “Palmsox is a superior product for the average consumer. They are much easier to put on and take off than latex gloves.”

Unlike latex gloves, which are disposed of after each use, Palmsox is a reusable product that can quickly and easily be cleaned, saving you time and the environment – all at once!

Going the Extra Mile

Palmsox is expected to be a hit this fall, but Strideline has also focused its attention on other protective gear like face masks.

“We took our sublimation expertise and used it on our masks,” said Kaydee, adding that the customizable masks have a two-layer cotton interior and polyester exterior, the perfect combo that ties safety and comfortability together. These protective masks also have a pocket to insert filters.

Larger corporations have taken advantage of the fast turn times on large orders. Earlier this year, Strideline supplied all of T-Mobile’s teams with customized masks, with 50,000 units sent over to the mobile telecommunication giant.

Along with going the extra mile and supplying innovative protective gear to the public, Strideline is also going above and beyond to protect the environment.

When asked what’s in store for Strideline’s future, Kaydee mentioned an upcoming launch of a new, recyclable yarn that will be used to create more sustainable socks. In the past, Strideline has gone through 14 versions of their sock, a combination of premium terry cotton and spandex to make them stretch. Now, the company is thinking of other ways to evolve their products and go green while doing it.

“We are constantly looking for new things to roll out that will help us grow and help customers sell to their clients, as well as give them the tools to be successful,” said Kaydee.

Oh, and remember, Palmsox is available to you now! For more information, visit

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  1. Strideline is an amazing company all around. This company is continuously creating new and innovative products at the highest quality and standards. I cannot say enough good things about this company. Check out the new PALMSOX!!!

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