Supplier Spotlight: Supplying Jobs to a Community

August Supplier Spotlight

As we embrace a new normal during this pandemic era, millions of people across the country have lost work. A trying time for many, but companies, including Direct Caps, are doing everything in their power to provide jobs to those who need it most.  

Based in Carson, California, Direct Caps has directed its focus more on PPE products, a large demand that has allowed the company to provide more jobs for the local community. “With everything going on, we had to analyze our next move,” explained Abraham Gonzalez, Direct Caps Sales Manager. “We are able to do a lot in house, so we’ve hired more people to help with expanding our PPE line and decorating the products.”

Direct Caps thrives on strong teamwork. From processing orders to fulfilling them, employees are ready to come in every day to get the job done.

Although a smaller company in comparison to the competition out there, Direct Caps, which supplies a range of caps and now, PPE products, runs a big operation with a lot of heart and drive. The company understood the shift in promotional products early on and decided to produce face masks for customers.   

“We’ve had to adapt to what our customers are needing,” Abraham said. “We switched our production to focus on face masks because the demand was so high.” 

From Ball Caps to Face Masks

Everyone loves a good ball cap. From donning your favorite team to showing off college pride, caps are walking billboards seen everywhere. For 20 years, Direct Caps has been producing high-quality caps for clients around the world. But 2020 looks a little different.

“We realized we need to supply our customer base with face masks and face shields,” Abraham explained, adding that the 2-ply cotton face mask has been there more popular product. “We want to use the best material out there.” 

Working with the local police department, Direct Caps has been the go-to source for officers’ PPE. Larger uniform companies have also benefitted from these premium masks.

“It’s very fulfilling that we can provide a product that the community needs,” said Abraham.

Direct Caps directly works with screen printers and other decorators across the country to ensure the best full-color printing on their products.

Moving Forward

2020 has been a year of change, and Direct Caps has been directly affected. However, the supplier was able to pick up the pieces and provide PPE to those who need it most. Many of their face mask and face shields can be seen in restaurants or customer-service businesses. The full-color gaiters? Seen on construction sites, shielding workers from the sun, and protecting them from the virus.

Abraham said moving forward, Direct Caps will continue to offer exceptional customer service and more employment opportunities. The company offers same-day shipping due to high inventory levels in the warehouse. “No matter the size of the order, we’ll ship it the same day.” 

From supplying jobs to community members to supplying face masks for an outstanding need, Direct Caps has been there to support an incredible cause.

For more information on Direct Caps and the products they offer, visit

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