Supplier Spotlight: Staying Open to Serve Others


Much of our economy has been on pause these past few months. Stores have closed, restaurants have shuttered, and a veil of uncertainty has covered our country.

However, one thing is for certain, many businesses have stepped up to the plate to help one another during these trying times.

“We stay open so you can be safe.” That has been Ameramark’s mantra since our country was rocked by a global pandemic.

When California announced its initial lockdown back in March, Ameramark, a tents, banners, and inflatables supplier based in Santa Ana, quickly shifted production to help the shortage of face masks. “We spent several days talking with doctors about what the needs of a cloth mask should be, “said Alex Avendano, Vice President of Marketing at Ameramark.

Since then, Ameramark has been providing cloth face masks to distributors and first responders, offering solid or full-color options.

“We have been able to live through this new normal and learn to adapt and change our safety procedures,” Alex added. “Even though this pandemic has changed everything in the world, we have been able to stay open to serve our distributors and first responders during this time.”

Made-In-USA Focused

Although there has been a critical need for masks, Ameramark is still focused on helping businesses open back up with dancing inflatables, colorful tents and flags, and branded table covers.

With all of Ameramark’s products made in Orange County, Alex said it’s important to support U.S. businesses as we all begin to embrace the “new normal.”

“All of us, as a country, need to start working with made-in-the-USA companies. It’s not just because of the quick turnaround time or the high-quality, it’s also about helping reactivate the domestic economy.”

Along with snapping our economy back into motion, other obvious benefits of supporting a domestic business includes affordable pricing, enhanced safety standards, and face-to-face interaction. “We welcome distributors to visit our factory and see their products being made,” said Alex.

Making Ideas Come to Life

As businesses reopen, grabbing the attention of customers in creative ways is on everyone’s minds. Curbside appeal has never been more important! That’s why if you or your clients have a crazy idea, Ameramark can make it happen.

From colorful flags…

To silly inflatable dancers…

Or how about even a giant T-Rex…

The possibilities are endless!

And the good news for distributors helping these companies reopen? According to Alex, the promotional products industry is slowly coming back, with less demand for face masks and more demand for marketing supplies as business owners turn that “closed” sign to “open”.

“We really want to thank all the distributors that stayed working with us during these months and to all the distributors that closed to keep their people safe,” Alex explained. “I believe the promotional products industry and the U.S. economy, as a whole, will be stronger than ever before.”

For more information on how Ameramark can help your client’s business with the reopening, visit

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