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Every business with an online store wants to increase traffic and orders, but it can feel a little daunting. A simple online search for “e-commerce tips” will bring you thousands of results of list articles with tip after tip after tip and it can be hard to filter through everything to find the info that’s relevant to you. But worry no more! We’ve put together a short list of e-commerce tips that have been tailored to the promotional product industry.

Focus on building trust

Earning a client’s trust is the first step to creating a lasting business relationship. Clients who feel like their distributor is on their team are more likely to refer friends and family to your website. Build trust with your customers by offering stellar customer service and personalized branding advice. Make sure that you’re available to answer questions as much as possible and focus on ensuring that your customers feel heard and appreciated.

Stay on top of comments and questions

By answering all the questions and responding to comments on your Facebook page, in your reviews, and on your website, you are continuing the post-sale relationship with your customers. Clients like to see that businesses engage with customers, even after the sale is made and payment exchanged, and it lets them know that you care about their businesses.

Engage with visitors using live chat

Live chat tools are a high-impact way to engage with website visitors and customers outside of traditional email. With SAGE Website Professional and Professional Plus, you can use SAGE’s Live Chat platform directly on your website to communicate with visitors and help them with any questions they may have while browsing your site.

Create memorable experiences

Your website should be more than just a site. To capture attention, your e-commerce site needs to create a memorable experience for visitors. This means including engaging copy, interesting videos, and great photographs. Customers should remember your site well after they’ve clicked onto another tab.


Upselling can be more effective than gaining a new customer for some businesses. Often, customers are not aware that a premium product or higher-end version is available to them, or they may just need more evidence to understand how an upgrade will fit their needs better. For successful upsells, make sure that the item you’re upselling is related to the original product and be sensitive to the anticipated price range of your customers.

Share your content on social media

Drive traffic to your website by sharing content to your social media platforms. Engaging social media content helps to build brand recognition and keeps you present in your customer’s feeds, so that when it’s time for a promotional post, they’re more likely to see them. With SAGE Website Professional Plus, you have access to our full content library, including blogs, banners, videos, case studies, and more. Share content from your website on social media to push more of your customers to your site.

Choose your platform wisely

Perhaps most important is choosing the correct platform for your e-commerce site. The website platform you use to host your site should be something that you are comfortable using and is easily accessible for your customer base. SAGE Websites are specifically designed to cater to the needs of the promotional product industry, so they’ve got everything you need to build a great online presence.

Interested in learning more about how SAGE Websites can help you reach your e-commerce goals? Click here or contact us today!

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