Supplier Spotlight: Customized Masks for a Safer Tomorrow


Shifting gears from customized tents and table throws to face masks was a natural transition, according to Mark Jaroszewski, Director of Business Development at Soardist.

In the past, Soardist, the leader in high-quality printed visual displays, has always relied on tradeshows across the country to utilize their products. Today, those tradeshows have gone virtual, and in-person shows are disappearing.

“Selling face masks saved our business,” Mark said. “It also saved many of our clients’ (companies) because they now had these supplies that they could market to (their own) clients.”

Offering disposable, cotton, printed, and customized masks, Soardist has worked with some of the largest corporations across the globe, supplying branded face masks for employees and customers. “We were shocked when we got some of these phone calls,” Mark explained of the overwhelming demand from clients. “At first the order was for 100 masks, and then 50,000 masks.”

A few of these massive corporations include the NFL, NBA, and MLB. Teams are wanting to fill the stadiums with fans once again, and one way to ensure safety and prevent the spread of COVID-19 is with face masks. Soardist is working with teams on customized masks so, eventually, fans will be able to finally cheer on their teams in-person.

2020 has been the year of change, and promotional products suppliers have had to survey the situation, make tough decisions, and alter their business structure. Soardist has made these changes with customer needs at the helm of this shift. “We are always trying to make it easier for people to buy from us,” Mark said, adding there are now four Soardist warehouses across the United States, providing faster order turnarounds.

To learn more about these customized face masks, you can now visit the all-new Soardist website at

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