Supplier Spotlight: Adjusting Quickly to Supply a Necessary Need

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“The plus allows us to be nimble,” said Joanne Richards, referring to Imprint Plus, a Vancouver-based company supplying name badges, signs, and beyond.

As the general manager, Joanne has seen shifts overtime – but nothing quite like what 2020 had in store for the promotional products industry.

Since the COVID-19 crisis has swept across North America, promotional products suppliers have had to take drastic action, adjusting accordingly to the bleak climate that has affected millions of businesses.

Learning how to be “nimble” is exactly what Imprint Plus embraced during these last few months, expanding its product line to also feature safety products such as office sneeze guards, masks, and social distance badges.

“Within the last month, we were able to create a whole new safety product line,” explained Joanne. “I’m very excited that we were able to develop these items in just four weeks. Now we know, in the future, we have the capability to turn around things quickly.”

New Need, New Products

Over 35 years ago, Imprint Plus began its journey, starting with a mission to find the perfect balance between quality, cost, and sustainability. Now, having served 37,000 customers across 102 countries, the dedicated team that built this company has mastered the art of name badges, accommodating many industries including healthcare, golf clubs, casinos, food services, and more.

But, over the last month, Imprint Plus has changed course and begun developing in-demand products that cater to the number one concern right now – safety.

Imprint Plus was able to act quickly and invent new safety products because of its belief in the power of tailored solutions that have helped fit the unique needs of customers all over the world.

Social distancing stickers and signs, customized face masks, and face shields have taken over the Imprint Plus factory by storm. Innovative employees have been scrambling to come up with new ideas that can help protect the public from the pandemic.

“We all are working together to ensure the safety of our customers,” said Joanne, applauding the 63 employees who have worked tirelessly to supply products for such a grand demand.

One inexpensive product that was recently launched is the touchless door tool, which allows users to open doors and punch buttons on an elevator or keypad. It’s the perfect product to market to clients who can add their logo to the safety device and hand out to customers who are worried about germy surfaces.

Another cutting-edge product that has recently been introduced to the public is a photo name badge. Since many wear face masks for protection, these name badges help ease people’s minds when they see photos of the smiling healthcare workers taking care of them or a restaurant employee who is serving them their meals.   

Additionally, social distance badges and buttons can also be included with a nametag, asking customers to stay at least six feet away to provide a level of safety.

It’s products like these that show just how much Imprint Plus cares about the wellbeing of the public, who need a little reassurance that there are products out there that can provide protection from the virus.

All About the Plus

The “plus” in Imprint Plus means so much. From exceptional customer service to acting quickly and developing a new line of safety products, the company goes above and beyond to exceed client expectations. In addition, Imprint Plus offers personalized customer service and expert guidance throughout the entire process.

“We’ve really tried to think of products that will help serve others during this time,” Joanne said, noting that name badges can also be used for specific messaging, such as social distancing or displaying a safety certification. “Our products are unique and created with the customer in mind.”

For more information about Imprint Plus or to view their safety products and name badges, visit

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