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The way restaurant patrons experience dining out has changed immensely since coronavirus cases have begun popping up in the U.S. Restaurants that were once packed to the brim with happy diners are now sitting empty, largely in part to shelter-in-place and lockdown orders that have seen them shutter their doors to traditional dine-in customers in the interest of public health. However, many dining rooms have pivoted to offering take-out, delivery, and even cook-at-home grocery kits to continue generating revenue during these difficult times.

Beginning in late March, a coalition of national and regional eateries began backing a new campaign called The Great American Takeout in a bid to support the struggling restaurant industry. The movement originally began as a one-day event on March 24, but has become a national weekly occurrence where patrons flock to their favorite spots for curbside pickup or social-distancing-safe takeout. Hungry diners are encouraged to post on social media using the hashtag #greatamericantakeout to inspire continued participation.

Instagram Post from Great American Takeout
Instagram post from @thegreatamericantakeout

It is important that small businesses come together to support each other during these tumultuous times. In addition to offering great products for takeout orders, distributors can help educate their culinary clients on ways to utilize promo products to spice up their social media game or curb appeal to potential customers driving by. Here are a few of our favorite products for restaurants looking to level up their to-go game:


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If you’ve driven through an area of town with lots of restaurants recently, you’ve probably seen these everywhere. Banners are a fantastic way to entice potential customers passing by on the street.

Printed with their logo, contact info, and a “We’re Open for Business!” message, custom banners are the ideal way to let everyone know that they’re still available to fill everyone’s epicurean needs. Take things to the next level by adding the #greatamericantakeout hashtag to create an Instagram-able photo op for customers stopping by to pick up their orders.

Paper Bags

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There are plenty of branding opportunities when it comes to delivery and takeout orders. Have your client’s logo and contact info printed on a custom paper bag and give their customers an easy way to transport their freshly cooked meals home in style. Additionally, putting everything neatly in a bag will decrease the chances for things to move around and spill in the car – anyone who’s ever gotten pasta all over their car seats at a stop sign knows how critical a durable takeout bag is.

One of the things that makes The Great American Takeout such an effective campaign is the fact that people love sharing their meals on social media, more so if it comes with the clout of doing a good deed and supporting a local business. A quality custom printed bag looks so much nicer in a photo than a plain, generic plastic bag, increasing the chances that customers will snap a pic and share it to their feeds.

Insulated Totes

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Speaking of delivery, is there anything more disappointing than receiving cold or lukewarm chicken tenders? Help your clients keep the food that they pride themselves on at the proper temperature during delivery by suggesting these custom branded insulated totes. Not only will they make transporting orders easier for deliver people, they’ll keep customers happy with hot food on demand.

Menu Magnets

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An easy addition to orders, encourage your clients to stick a magnet with their menu and contact into the bag with the takeout boxes to increase repeat business. Their customers will be able to slap these bad boys on their home fridge so when they’ve looked in the kitchen 15 times in one afternoon and still no food has magically appeared, they’ll know who to call to satisfy their cravings.


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Custom logoed plastic cups are the ideal way to transport drinks for delivery and to-go orders. They also make for a perfectly Instagram-able way for your restaurant client’s patrons to let everyone know that they’re supporting their favorite local spot.


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Soup, pastas, sides, and more – the possibilities are endless for these all-over printed custom food containers. Help your customers create a memorable home dining experience for their patrons by providing food storage items emblazoned with their design. When those takeout eaters reach for leftovers in the fridge the next day, it’ll be easy to tell just whose food they’re eating.

Takeout Boxes

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Takeout boxes are a true essential for out-of-restaurant dining. Restaurants will want their delivery packaging to be secure to hold in all of the goodness they’ve lovingly prepared, making these takeout boxes the perfect way to box up and transport all of the delicious food their customers will be ordering.

To learn more about The Great American Takeout and how you can support local restaurants, click here.

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